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Get ready to meet the woman behind one of the most prominent activists and political commentators in America today. We all know Van Jones, the outspoken CNN host and author, but have you met his twin sister Angela? From their childhood in rural Tennessee to their shared passion for social justice, Angela has played a pivotal role in shaping her brother’s activism. So buckle up and get ready to learn more about this dynamic duo and the impact they’re making on our world today!

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Anthony’s Early Years

Angela Davis was born on February 26, 1944 in Alton, Illinois. She is the twin sister of famed civil rights activist and Van Jones. Angela attended UCLA and obtained her law degree from Santa Clara University. After working as a public defender in California, she was appointed Deputy District Attorney in San Francisco by then-District Attorney Terence Hallinan. In 1990, she was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and served as Mayor Gavin Newsom’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Community Affairs from 2004 to 2006. Angela is currently a professor at California State University, East Bay where she teaches political science and African American studies.

Van Jones met Angela while they were both working as public defenders in San Francisco in the late ’80s. The two quickly developed a close relationship and collaborated on several projects together including their work on the Oakland mayoral campaign of Ron Dellums (D-Calif.) which led to their first meeting with President Bill Clinton who would later appoint Van Jones as his Assistant Secretary for New Urban Communities at the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). During his time at HUD, Van worked closely with Angela to develop the Race to The Top national education reform program which awarded billions of dollars in grants to schools across the country.

The twins have always been very close and continue to share their activism experiences with each other. When Van announced his plans to run for President in 2020, Angela immediately called him out on Twitter for not being

Angela’s Early Years

Angela Davis was born in 1938 to a single mother, who abandoned her and her brother soon after their birth. Angela’s determination to succeed and build an equitable world for all led her down a unique path: at the age of 18, she became the first person in history to be expelled from college for leading a protest rally on campus.

Undeterred, Angela began working as a lawyer, and eventually rose through the ranks to become one of the most influential voices in American politics. Her activism focused on ending racism and inequality, and she played a pivotal role in shaping the views of Van Jones—the renowned environmentalist and current CNN political commentator.

Through their shared experiences—and Angela’s dedication to fighting for justice—Van and Angela have forged an enduring bond that has helped shape his activism. In this powerful interview, Van shares his memories of growing up with Angela as his sister-in-law, and how her influence has shaped his work today.

Childhood Influences on Van Jones

Angela Jones has always been an active and involved person in her community. Growing up, she was very close with her twin sister, who taught her the importance of activism and taking part in making a difference. The two of them would often spend their free time volunteering with local organizations, working to make a positive impact on their community.

Angela’s influence on Van continued through their teenage years. The two of them founded Youth for Change together, an organization that aimed to create change in their hometown of Detroit by empowering young people to become leaders in their communities. Through Youth for Change, Angela and Van helped to raise awareness about important issues such as poverty and gun violence.

After moving to Los Angeles, Angela met Van again and the two quickly reconnected. They started working together on a number of initiatives, including the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and the Dream Corps. Angela is a driving force behind these organizations, helping to make them what they are today.

Van credits his sister with giving him the drive to do what he does today – work towards making a difference in society. He says that her passion for activism has rubbed off on him and continues to inspire him every day.

Education and Career Paths

There’s a twin sister you’ve likely never heard of, but she has a big role in shaping Van Jones’ activism. Angela Yokemian is Van’s twin sister and the president of their family-owned business, We Want Education.

Van and Angela grew up together in Berkeley, CA, where they attended public schools. Their parents were both active in the civil rights movement and taught them about social justice from an early age. Van says he was always interested in politics, but it wasn’t until he met Angela that he really started to understand the power of collective action.

“Angela is one of those people who can see things from so many angles,” Van says. “She always sees how interconnected everything is.”

After college, Van worked as an assistant to San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown while Angela ran their family business. In 2002, when Van was working on his first book, The Green Collar Economy: How One Size Doesn’t Fit All, he flew to Oakland to talk to Angela about her experiences running a small business. The seed for his second book was planted that day.

It was during this time that Van started to see the connections between economics and race in America. He began speaking out about racism and inequality, and started working with organizations like ColorOfChange and United We Dream. In 2006, he co-founded Good Jobs First with Angelo Mozilo and became its president two years later. During his time at Good Jobs First,

Van Jones and the 2016 Presidential Election

Angela Davis is Van Jones’ twin sister. She has a long history of activism, and has played a significant role in shaping Van’s activism. Angela is an attorney, economist, and political commentator. She co-founded the think tank The Black Agenda Report with her brother in 1998. The Black Agenda Report is known for its work on African American issues and its criticism of U.S. policy abroad.

Van met Angela when they were both attending UCLA Law School. They became close friends and collaborated on various projects together. In 1988, they founded the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights Policy, which is now one of the leading civil rights organizations in the United States.

Angela has been a vocal critic of U.S. foreign policy overseas, particularly toward Africa. She has also been critical of U.S.- Israeli relations and U.S.- China relations

Angela’s Role in Shaping His Activism

When Van Jones met Angela Davis, the two quickly bonded over a shared love of education and activism. As brother and sister worked together to fight for social justice, their relationship played an important role in shaping Jones’s activism.

From the very beginning, Van Jones was inspired by his sister’s dedication to fighting for civil rights. Angela Davis not only had a personal history of activism, but she also had a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. The two worked tirelessly together to build a movement that would be reflective of the communities they were fighting for.

Angela Davis was instrumental in helping Van Jones understand the power that grassroots activism could have. She taught him how to connect with people on a personal level, build relationships with leaders in their community, and mobilize them towards change.

The combined efforts of Angela Davis and Van Jones created a powerful force within the Civil Rights Movement. Their work helped pave the way for future generations of activists who would continue fighting for social justice.