1Millionpuzzle Com Review {2021} Check If It Is A Scam!

Brief of 1millionpuzzle.com:

1millionpuzzle.com is really a unique e-commerce site that enables U.S. Residents to win cash prizes by solving puzzles. Customers above 18 years are qualified to purchase the puzzle.

MSCHF, a properly-known street art collective and creators of luxury fashion, art, and social commentary, initiated 1millionpuzzle.com.

Options that come with 1millionpuzzle.com:

Buy puzzles at: https://1millionpuzzle.com.

Links to Social Networking: Links to social networking sites weren’t available on 1millionpuzzle.com.

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Cost from the Puzzles: $30.00.

Street Address: 1M Puzzle L.L.C., 62 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, NY-11222. It’s accounted to check on Is 1millionpuzzle com Legit?

Conditions and terms: The conditions and terms are incorporated within the Rules section.

Testimonials and blogs: 1millionpuzzle.com doesn’t support blogs and reviews on its website.

Online privacy policy: The insurance policy is offered but copied from 100kpuzzle.shop.

Telephone number: 1millionpuzzle.com didn’t mention the phone number.

Store locator: 1millionpuzzle.com is just present online.

Delivery: The delivery timeline wasn’t provided.

Shipping: 1millionpuzzle.com will ship the puzzles within one to three days.

Tracking: No information was provided.

Returns: 1millionpuzzle.com doesn’t approve any returns and exchanges of puzzles.

Refunds: No refunds are processed.

Current email address: 1millionpuzzle com Review finds a e-mail as support@1millionpuzzle.com.

Mode of Payment: The instalments channels aren’t provided. 1millionpuzzle.com takes the payment in USD.

Owner’s details: MSCHF group has 1millionpuzzle.com. Details about the person owner wasn’t provided.

Newsletters: 1millionpuzzle.com doesn’t support delivering newsletters.

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Pros of 1millionpuzzle.com:

Simple interface and navigation on 1millionpuzzle.com

You will find 551,111 QR code puzzles, and everybody can win.

One champion takes the very first prize of $100K, the following 10 winners take $10K, the following 100 winners take $1K, the following 1000 winners take $100, and also the last 550,000 take .25 cents.

Cons of 1millionpuzzle.com

1millionpuzzle com Overview of policies discovered that 1millionpuzzle.com doesn’t compensate (or) doesn’t hold responsibility for lack of puzzles,

Winners have to submit an affidavit of liability and eligibility within seven days of winning the prize (or) the prize is going to be forfeited,

No returns, exchange (or) refund adopted by 1millionpuzzle.com.

Is 1millionpuzzle.com Legitimate?

  • 1millionpuzzle.com Creation: second Feb 2021 at 07:34:52 PM.
  • 1millionpuzzle.com Expiry: Short existence expectancy because it expires on second Feb 2021 at 07:34:52 PM.
  • 1millionpuzzle.com Age: the web site is 10 several weeks and 25 days old.
  • Trust Index: 1millionpuzzle.com scores a dreadful 3% trust score.
  • 1millionpuzzle com Overview of Alexa ranking: 1millionpuzzle.com had scored 582,030 Alexa rank.
  • Native land: 1millionpuzzle.com comes from Iceland.
  • Status of Blacklisting: 1millionpuzzle.com is presently not blacklisted.
  • Suspicious Websites Closeness: 1millionpuzzle.com scored 36/100 like a suspicion score.
  • Phishing Score: 1millionpuzzle.com arrived at an undesirable 29/100.
  • Threat Profile: 1millionpuzzle.com will get an undesirable 33/100.
  • Junk e-mail Score: 1millionpuzzle.com will get an undesirable 33/100.

Adware and spyware Score: 1millionpuzzle.com scored 11/100

Connection Security: 1millionpuzzle.com transmits and receives data on HTTPS protocol.

Hr person: Specific hr person information wasn’t given on 1millionpuzzle.com.

Social relations: 1millionpuzzle.com isn’t present on social networking.

Owner’s contact information: The contact details concerning the owner wasn’t given on 1millionpuzzle.com.

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Customers 1millionpuzzle com Review:

You will find 625 reviews on shopping sites giving 3.8/five star ratings. Additionally, there’s mixed feedback available on several reviewing sites, YouTube, social networking and also the internet, which implies that the puzzle is simple to resolve but, the total amount you win depends upon your luck.

The majority of the negative reviews show a typical issue of 1 puzzle piece missing in the order, and also the Q.R. code won’t scan. Because the payment funnel wasn’t pointed out upfront on 1millionpuzzle.com, please browse the info on PayPal Scams.

Conclusion on 1millionpuzzle.com:

1millionpuzzle.com is potentially the best website and solutions Is 1millionpuzzle com Legit as numerous customers have obtained the delivery of puzzles, put together the puzzle pieces, and scanned them for any prize. However, 1millionpuzzle.com includes a bad status because of its low trust score, high threat profile, its recent launch and expires in Feb 2022. Therefore, we recommend studying details about Charge Card Scams before purchasing.