20th Kingdom Hearts Anniversary {2022} Find Event Plans

The publish is one of the announcement from the 20th Kingdom Hearts Anniversary celebration event and a few details about the sport.

Would you played Kingdom Hearts? Do you realize they’re celebrating the anniversary? Our favorite games is celebrating its 20th anniversary. What are the special reasons for it? Just when was the twentieth Anniversary event?

Because the celebration was announced, players over the U . s . States, and Uk couldn’t stop themselves from trying to find the primary popular features of the celebration. So, if you’re among individuals categories of people, start studying our article on 20th Kingdom Hearts Anniversary for details.

What’s Kingdom Hearts?

It is a kind of role-playing gaming series that is designed and printed in the Square Enix. Also, the sport is together with Disney and it is brought by Tetsuya Nomura, a Square Enix worker.

The primary aim behind the storyline would be to show the strength of friendship around the world and just how the sunshine will get victory within the dark. Kingdom Hearts observes Sora, a Keyblade wielder, because he travels to numerous Disney worlds with Jesse and Goofy.

Before we proceed 20th Kingdom Hearts Anniversary, let’s see more information on the sport.

Much more about Kingdom Hearts and it is recognition:

First release date: March 28, 2002

Latest release: November 11, 2020, Tune of Memory.

The series presently includes 13 games on multiple platforms.

All of the games within this series are equally popular.

New figures incorporated in games are:


Toy Story

Monsters, Corporation.,


Big Hero 6

Pirates from the Caribbean, yet others.

Sora, Goofy, and Jesse band together to beat enormous challenges.

They would like to stop evil from overtaking the world and establish peace.

20th Kingdom Hearts Anniversary details:

Square Enix will commemorate Kingdom Hearts’ 20th anniversary. To make it an unforgettable one, the celebration starts with an active event in Tokyo, japan on April 10, 2022. Although fans won’t be able to look at an active stream, a VOD is going to be available “at in the future,” based on the recent publish around the official Twitter account.

Obviously, it’s special for that fan, as Square hinted concerning the special presentation to mark the lengthy-running game franchise this past year. Since that time, players happen to be awaiting more updates around the 20th Kingdom Hearts Anniversary.

It’ll host “a small-concert, attorney at law and question and solutions using the team of developers, an exhibit, plus much more.” Also, based on the website, you will find likelihood of the big event postponed due to the pandemic situations. But Square Enix will certainly follow all of the safeguards using its employees.

However, you will find chances that they’ll reveal more details concerning the forthcoming event later. So, we’ll tell you exactly the same within the updated publish.


Kingdom Hearts is among the popular RPG games. The sport can be obtained around the platforms like Ps 2/3/4, Xbox One, PC, and much more. Hopefully you want the twentieth Kingdom Hearts Anniversary publish. If you wish to learn more aboutKingdom Hearts, you’ll be able to check them here.