4 Not-so-lame New Year Gift Ideas for Friends for a Kickoff Celebration

As the season is officially getting over, you need to buck up with your gift shopping. If you are totally paranoid about gift shopping, don’t be! Because it’s 2021, and if you are still out of gift ideas, only God can save you. Well, not God; we can save you. We are back with a well-researched list of new year gift ideas for friends. New year’s gifts usually revolve around candles and chocolates, which generally get passed by the receiver. Only unique and useful gifts can break this chain, so try our ideas this year.

Coffee maker

As a working adult, you might be aware of what value morning coffee holds. It is a shot of energy mandatory for some of us to make it through the morning each day. Despite morning coffee being so refreshing, getting out of bed and preparing one is still a frustrating task. If your friends face the same struggle, this new year’s gift coffee maker to them. An ideal gift for a friend who is an inveterate coffee drinker, send a chic-looking coffee maker, so they can have their favorite poison in hand whenever they want to. It saves their task of having to run to the nearest cafe every time they need energy shots. You can add in a flask, too, if you really love this friend.

A throw blanket/shawl

New year’s time is famous for two things, unique gifts and winters. Since it’s winter in most parts of the world around the new year, it adds a lot of gift ideas to the list because there are so many fancy supplies to keep people warm. One such article is the throw blanket.

This gift idea can impress any discerning woman on your list, young or old, basically who is always cold. A throw blanket or shawl is a fantastic gift for the New Year as one can never have too many throws in chilly weather. It is incredibly versatile and chic, and the receiver will be happy as soon as they unbox the article. They can use it to either drape it over a chair to add instant texture and pattern to a room or cozy up while they read and sip in some coffee.

Love tuner

Next on the list is a revolutionary tool called the anxiety breathing necklace. This device is basically used to calm the mind. It’s a whistle that produces a sound of 528 Hz frequency when blown. This frequency helps relieve stress and anxiety in people. So, if your friend is stressed like most of us, this meditation device can be an ideal gift for them.

Smoothie set

Made from whole ingredients, smoothie packs are available in different flavors, and each bottle of these vegan-friendly and gluten-free foods comes in a package. Empty one into a blender with milk and fruits, and they can enjoy a refreshing smoothie any time they want.

This year, take a new approach to new year’s gifting and try out not-so-lame gifts.