4 Ways to Make Your Life Easier If You Have Mobility Problems

If you’ve recently started to struggle with mobility problems – or have had them for a long time – this guide will be very helpful for you. 

Life is automatically made more difficult when mobility problems arise. Suddenly, even simple tasks like walking to the shops or getting into bed at night can become quite hard. For many people, it’s a worrying time. 

However, here’s the good news: there are lots of ways you can make your life easier if you’re struggling with mobility problems. Best of all, these methods don’t require you to spend your entire savings, either, as they’re all low-cost and affordable.

If this has captured your interest, you’ll want to read the 4 tips and tricks directly below. 

  • Use a Powerchair 

If you’re struggling to walk long and even short distances, then it might be time to start using a powerchair. 

Essentially, powerchairs are just like normal wheelchairs, except they’re slightly more modern and allow people to have greater control when it comes to navigation. 

By using a powerchair, you’ll be able to get around much easier with very little hassle. Remember, most public places are now built for people with disabilities, and they have lifts and all the other things you need to be accommodated. Even buses and other forms of public transportation make it easy for people using powerchairs to get on and off – it’s great.

If you want to get a powerchair, it’s recommended you use mobilitysolutions.co.uk because of their excellent industry reputation. 

  • Don’t Overstretch – Use Reaching Aids, Instead

When dealing with mobility issues, it can be much more difficult to bend down and stretch to grab the items you need. Therefore, a lot of elderly and disabled people are now using reaching aids, which are essentially sticks with miniature claws on the end that enable them to grab items that are out of reach. For example, if you’re watching TV and the remote falls on the floor, you would be able to use your reaching aid to grab without getting out of your chair. Make sense? Perfect. 

  • Consider a Stairlift

Investing in a stairlift is a big step to make for people with mobility issues. However, 9 times out of 10 it’s an excellent and worthwhile investment.

A stairlift makes life so much easier for those with mobility problems, especially during the mornings and at night time. Climbing up the stairs is no longer a battle, as you can simply strap yourself into the stairlift and experience the convenience of being transported up the stairs by a machine. Essentially, it’s a little bit like riding a ski lift, except you don’t have to move anything.

  • Contact a Concierge Nurse Service 

If you live alone and have nobody to help you during the day or at times when you have to travel long distances, a concierge nurse could be perfect for you. 

Essentially, a concierge nurse is a nurse you pay for on a subscription basis. Whenever you need them, they’ll travel to you, whether you’re in your home or a hotel in a different city. 

Concierge nurses are especially popular with people that have mobility issues and who like to travel abroad. Concierge nurses will help them along the trip and ensure they experience a smooth travelling experience with no medical problems. 


Living with mobility problems can be hard – but the tips above will make your life so much easier. Start using them today for maximum effect.