5 Reasons Why South Goa Shows Real Side Of Goa

Goa may be the tiniest yet typically the most popular condition asia. Because of the stunning beaches, fun activities, nightlife, and crazy party culture, Goa is every traveller’s concept of fun. However, whenever we discuss Goa, usually people only discuss shacks, clubs, and bars, as the natural splendor the area provides is definitely overlooked. And if you wish to be aware of real Goa and explore much more of it, then here’s why you need to explore a lot of real Goa in South Goa.

1. Beaches Are Less Crowded And Untouched

With regards to Goa, everyone loves the condition for that peaceful beaches that is available. However, with passing days, beaches in North Goa are losing their quaint charm because of all of the crowd. However, if you wish to explore the actual side of Goan beaches, mind towards the ones in South Goa, and we’re sure you’ll have the magic too. South Goa has unblemished and secluded beaches. Visit Colva and Butterfly beach within the South, and you’ll realise why Goa is really a haven for beach babies.

2. Let’s You Have Waterfalls, Wildlife, and Nature

Yes, Goa is unquestionably the party capital asia, even though the Northern side enables you to have some fun, the Southern side lets you possess an immersive experience amongst nature. So if you wish to explore Goa’s wildlife and enjoy adventure activities amongst thick forests, South Goa is perfect for you. South Goa has wildlife sanctuaries which are the place to find tones of plants and creatures. You need to visit Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary and Dudhsagar Falls there.

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3. Ideal For A Peaceful Holiday

All of us deserve to take a break and ditch the hustle-bustle from the city, so if you’re searching to take a rest in which you enjoy nature, peace, and quietness surrounding you, then visit South Goa. South Goa is an ideal spot to have peaceful and lavish holidays. Several qualities in South Goa offer luxury, tranquility, and peace among the attractive backdrop of exquisite beaches and dense greenery.

4. Offers Authentic Flavours For The Tastebuds

North Goa is excellent, it’s multiple shacks, beach cafes, and restaurants for you personally- however, if you wish to relish authentic Portuguese-Goan dishes, South Goa ought to be your home. In South, meals are slightly costly, but you’ll large amount of local bakeries, small food joints, and eateries serving you some authentic food.

5. Ideal For Chilled Parties

North Goa has some crazy parties along with a great nightlife culture, however if you simply are searching for something less hyped, South is perfect for you. South is less happening, however the nightlife here has its own quaint charm. You may enjoy ‘Silent Noise Parties’ every Saturday on Palolem Beach, where individuals gather and revel in music with earphones on.