5 ways in which you might be living in unhealthy home decor !


Home decor is the way by which we can feel good about ourselves and feel more confident. Decorating a home is a process that helps us define who we are by decorating our  House Frey  to depict our personality. It gives an insight into the character of the user. Also, apart from defining our personality, home decor plays a crucial role in making us feel more comfortable and productive. A good environment makes us more creative and hence increases productivity. But sometimes, it can backfire. There are many possible reasons, majorly due to wrong design practices by which you face the throb. Poor arrangements can lead to discomfort and decreased levels of prolificacy. Some reasons/ways we could identify for this discomfort are being discussed below:


  1. Mixing of various striking patterns altogether

The biggest mistake is to put many striking patterns together. Patterns tend to be very distracting and act as a center for attraction. If you position many patterns together, they will act as disturbing to the eye. You will not be able to focus on one and hence will feel discomfort. Go with one pattern and place it at a place you want everyone’s attention. It will create an interest in space.


  1. Mistaken about the scales and proportions

People are often mistaken about the scale and proportion. For instance, you are getting a huge T.V.T.V. for a room which is quite small. This will not discomfort the eyes while watching T.V., but it also makes the setup and objects look out of place. You should know what scale works for your space and buy things accordingly. Buying magnanimous things in a small room would eventually create discomfort in movement and a feeling of suffocation. Also, putting small-scale furniture in a huge hall would create a sense of lostness. So, to get a perfect design, you need to know about the scale that works best for your space.


  1. Placing the furniture around the windows

The placement of the furniture in front of windows is again a blunder in design. It blocks natural light and the path for fresh air. Eventually results in less ventilation in the space. It also creates discomfort as the daylight hitting from the back hinders the vision. As it creates shadow towards the objects, it creates soreness in perception.


  1. Numerous accents

Providing accent walls seems fun as it creates a pop of color and serves as the center for attraction. But adding more than one accent wall in space creates haphazardness and chaos. Accenting a single wall is the appropriate option. Maybe the wall behind your bed or the wall behind the couch. In these cases, it will seem aesthetically pleasing, but adding more than one accent into the room or placing it in the wrong place creates distraction and discomfort.


  1. Confused about how to design

Many times people get confused about the design pattern according to which they should do the decor. In this situation, you must research the design concepts like minimalism, boho, contemporary, and many more. And then decide accordingly which suits you the best. And still, if you are confused about it, just get professional help from an interior designer. They will help you understand what you want and what suits your personality and design the space accordingly.



Home decors can change the way we think and help us recognize our true selves. It provides more character to our space and hence builds more comfort. There are various methods and tricks by which you can create the space you belong to yourself. But all you need is some research about the trends, design styles, and what suits you—and then buying what is economical or, if not constrained at budget, then what suits your class and taste. What exhibits your true personality. And there are many reasons and examples which exhibit that you are living in the wrong environment. Wrong design practices and lead to discomfort to a major extent, but the way you stay also plays a vital role. Suppose if the design is all good, but somehow you are not able to maintain it, then you will face the discomfort too.