6 Easy Home Remedies to restore voice loss!

6 Easy Home Remedies to restore voice loss!Voice is a powerful medium of communication, and being able to talk is a blessing. Loss of voice, even for a short time, can disrupt your work and everyday routine. You can save your voice by protecting it because it may take time to recover once you lose your voice. It can make the allergy season a nightmare for you. The larynx is also known as a voice box and is responsible for producing sounds. Damage to the larynx can result in voice loss in some cases.


Vocal cords produce sounds and allow you to speak. As they expand and contract, air passes through them, making them vibrate and creating sound. Any damage to the vocal cords can lead to difficulty speaking, hoarse voice, or complete loss of voice. The most usual reason for losing your voice is inflammation or swelling in the vocal cord, known as laryngitis. It can irritate your throat and make it difficult for you to speak.

Laryngitis can be acute or chronic. A simple cold or viral infection can cause acute laryngitis, and it may resolve on its own in a few weeks. Chronic laryngitis can signify an underlying medication condition that may need evaluation from the Best ENT Specialist in Lahore.

Home Remedies

1.     Rest your voice

Rest is a must to heal from any ailment, even voice loss. Most people making the mistake of trying to talk can strain the muscles and slow down the healing process. Try not to talk unnecessarily and avoid any activities which require screaming, shouting, or speaking. If you need to talk to someone over the phone, send a text instead of calling. Additionally, do not whisper as it can further irritate your throat. Speak in a lower volume than your normal voice, if you can talk.

2.     Saltwater gargles

Mixing salt with warm water and gargling is effective for many throat issues such as sore throat, respiratory infections, and laryngitis. It takes out bacteria from your mouth and is a helpful remedy to counter the effects of laryngitis.

3.     Stay away from irritants!

Many things can irritate your throat, such as smoke, pollution, alcohol, strong fragrances, etc. Smoking can be a cause of throat inflammation and is dangerous to health. Quitting is the best option, but if you cannot seem to let it go, try to smoke less or completely avoid it for a few days until your throat gets better, so you can get your voice back. Keep your indoor air free from any pollutants. An air purifier may come in handy in such cases.

4.     Moisturize airways

A dry throat can further irritate the larynx. Drinking fluids, especially warm ones such as chamomile tea or green tea, provide relief with their warmth and moisturize your throat. Using a humidifier can be beneficial as it helps moisten the air inside the house, making it easier to breathe. Avoid beverages that contain caffeine, such as coffee.

5.     Medications

Whether it is a medicine prescribed by a doctor from oladoc.com or over-the-counter (OTC) medicine, it can ease the swelling and reinstate your voice. If the symptoms are not severe, OTC anti-inflammatory medicines can relieve symptoms.

6.     Lozenges

Lozenges can keep your throat moist by increasing saliva in your mouth.


Losing your voice can be frustrating. Laryngitis is the leading cause of voice loss. Thankfully, laryngitis usually gets better in a few weeks unless it is chronic. Chronic laryngitis may require consultation from a professional. Simple home remedies given above can speed up the healing process and make you feel better in no time.