6 Reasons Not to Buy an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is just about the standard for smartwatches, getting a person base well over 100 million worldwide. While you might be contemplating getting one on your own or as a present to a family member, think about this: Could it be really necessary?

Here, we’ll go through why the Apple Watch might not be well worth the money spent. So, let us look at the reasons, we could?

1. The Apple Watch’s Design Is not for Everybody

You will possibly not such as the Apple Watch’s square shape. It’s basically a giant screen located on your wrist that could feel and look awkward. Sometimes, it might be a bit annoying while typing on the laptop, and you will have to remove it for any comfortable typing experience.

If you’re a fan of traditional watches, you surely will not understand the clunky square design when compared to ever-famous round dial design. Other smartwatches, like the Universe Watch and also the Moto 360, still look more classic using their round design.

2. You need to Charge Your Apple Watch Daily

The Apple Watch includes a battery existence of 18 hrs. Although this is deserving of you throughout the day, you will need to charge your smartwatch every evening to make sure it’s ready to go the following day. Charging the Apple Watch is simple, but it may be very inconvenient because of its proprietary magnetic charger. Should you forget to charge it, you will not really possess a functional watch the following day.

It’s important to note the Apple Watch does have a Low Power Mode, which disables all features except time. This is often helpful but nonetheless does not beat the durability of the traditional watch. You may also look at your Apple Watch’s battery usage and switch off unneeded features to preserve battery.

3. The Apple Watch Does not Work With no iPhone

As the Apple Watch may boast lots of features, within the finish, it is really an Apple product which is only for an apple iphone. If you need to Android tool and are searching to purchase an Apple Watch, you’ll also need to change to an apple iphone, which may be an costly purchase altogether.

The Apple Watch application is built-into the iPhone, and therefore, you cannot make use of the smartwatch without them. Apple performs this to help keep you tied into its ecosystem, also it becomes harder to depart once you begin to stay in.

4. The Apple Watch Will not Cause you to Exercise

Many people purchase the Apple Watch mainly because of its fitness features. Even though the Apple Watch has lots of fitness workouts, you should know a principal fact-it cannot cause you to exercise unless of course you are motivated to do this.

If you wish to enhance your fitness, the Apple Watch is really a handy tool. However, it doesn’t guarantee a much better lifestyle unless of course you are willing to set up your time and effort.

5. Harder to remain Offline

We’re all attempting to reduce our screen amount of time in today’s digital era. You might have a period limit on several apps, keep notifications off, etc. Getting an Apple Watch causes it to be more difficult to remain offline because the primary reason for a smartwatch would be to keep everything your phone does in the convenience of your wrist.

Constant notifications in your Apple Watch and the opportunity to make telephone calls and send texts really increase a person’s screen time, which may be harmful for your health.

6. Cheaper Apple Watch Alternatives

The Apple Watch Series 7 presently starts at $399 for that base Wi-Fi version. The only real cheaper possibilities would be the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 3, that are pretty old and outdated. If you are searching to keep fit features, you’ll find a number of other cheaper alternatives.

Smartwatches provided by Garmin, Fitbit, yet others provide similar fitness features however for a lesser cost-enabling you to avoid wasting of the hard-earned money but still obtain a good smartwatch. It’s worth evaluating some alternatives and deciding which you need to choose.

The Apple Watch Might Not Meet your needs exactly

Apple sells countless watches each year, which is not an unexpected, simply because it provides many good features in one package. Before getting one, it is also necessary to think about the reasons to not purchase one. Many alternatives offer similar features inside a cheaper cost package, and when you are have less budget, you need to postpone on purchasing one.