6 Signs of a Heart Problem You Can’t Ignore

When you think about your heart, it’s hard not to worry about the future. The right care can help keep this organ healthy and strong so that we may live long lives full of happiness! It turns out there are 6 signs which indicate a potential problem with circulation in men or women; if any these arise then make sure see doctor immediately as they could be symptoms related directly back towards having cardiovascular disease at hand–a condition where our blood flow becomes less efficient than normal due possibly too many bad habits such as smoking cigarettes/ cigars etc., high cholesterol levels caused by dietary choices (too much saturated fat) obesity & diabetes). 

Heart disease is a major killer with nearly 11% of men and 9 percent women in India diagnosed so far. There are many symptoms that can indicate the potential for heart problems but what exactly does this mean? Heart hospital in Mumbai takes care of your heart diseases.

1. Chest Pain

If you have chest pain and feel extremely unwell, Immediately as it could be a medical emergency. People often describe feelings like an elephant sitting on my chest or one tight band around the region of their heart when experiencing this type of symptom which signals that they are having difficulty breathing because more oxygen becomes restricted due to increased pressure within blood vessels near our organs.

2. Feeling sick

It’s important to know the difference between feeling sick and experiencing pain. If you have intense chest discomfort even when sitting around doing nothing, call an ambulance immediately if that is what your doctor recommends for heart attack symptoms! 

It can also be helpful in making sure people don’t overlook any signs or symptoms they might have because there will always come a time where ignoring them could put someone at risk of developing something more serious than just being uncomfortable or having indigestion from too much rich food (though these are bad enough!).

3. Stomach Pain or indigestion

Professor Newby says that an indigestion-type pain or burning sensation in your chest can be a sign of heart trouble. “Because both members are lying right next to each other, the challenge for doctors and public alike is determining whether they’re experiencing stomach problems with this type of discomfort,  if you think it might be related to the severity of symptoms that are present in yourself or someone else; they have algorithms which will apply different levels based on what’s happening with patient’s condition at time—but these aren’t always perfect as not everyone needs treatment exactly same way.

4. Feeling Sweaty

Working up a sweat when you’ve been to the gym or because it’s really hot outside, is nothing to worry about. But feeling hot and clammy along with chest pains should be taken seriously as this could mean heat stroke has set in!

A person may think they’re just getting sweaty from working out but if their skin isn’t sweating at all then chances are there might already have been some damage done by overexposure-so don’t ignore any signs of distress like these two examples above:  (1) Hot flashes;(2). Being sick/ Observant

5. Leg Pain

Professor Newby says that if you have aching muscles and cramps in your legs when walking, it might be worth seeing an expert for. This could point to PAD (peripheral arterial disease). It’s most common among smokers or people who are diabetic with high cholesterol levels because their body doesn’t get enough oxygen flow through its system as well due the blockages from these diseases on blood vessels near our feet which reduces supply of fresh & healthy nutrients going into muscle cells where we need them most!

6. Arm Pain

You might not think that arm pain is related to your heart, but it can be a sign of an impending heart attack. Professor Newby says: “If you have left-sided chest and arm discomfort or pain going down into the neck then this could point more likely towards being caused by something related with regards to what’s happening in their cardiovascular system than just indigestion.” If these symptoms don’t go away after 2-3 times use of GTN (glyceryl trinitrate) spray – which many people know how effective they are at reducing angina episodes when combined with medication like carvedilol/amlodipine)–you should seek emergency medical help immediately! Call the best heart hospital in mumbai.