7 Essay Writing Tips to Place you in your Dream College

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They use the essay grades, extra-curricular activities, and letters of recommendation to find what distinguishes you from your peers.

So, what sets you apart? Your identity? Or your storytelling power?

Storytelling power, of course. You have a unique personality. This is your opportunity to tell YOUR story, and the best way to narrate a passionate story is to draft the most thoughtful essay you can. So, be genuine, and your unique qualities will shine through.

Look below for the essay writing tips for a fantastic college application essay.

  1. Speak about what’s important to you

It could be anything- an experience, a book review, or a person who has affected your life. The memory of a situation that caught your mind can be described in your essay. But, of course, if nothing of this sort clicks your mind, you can always search for new topics. That way is open for you!

Brainstorm to think about issues. Come up with new ideas that could fit within the essay assignment’s parameters. Or you can follow formal methods, like creating a map. Create a map by putting the topic in the centre and then bubble up other thoughts about the chief subject.

  1. Do not just recount, but reflect!

Anyone can craft a story neatly about how they spent the summer in Paris or won the big game. But you need to understand that recalling these events won’t distinguish you from your competitors. Instead, recalling these events would give the play-by-play or the itinerary. You can explain what you learned from those events, how those events changed your way of thinking, and if they did so. Portraying your lessons from any event under discussion will make your essay unique. That will be an essay uniquely described and pictured by YOU. That will be your identity.

  1. Can you be funny?

There is nothing wrong with making the admissions officer of your dream college laugh. In fact, such activity never allows students to get lost in the shuffle because that is unique. BUT, beware. Funny can have different meanings for different minds. Therefore, what you think is funny and what an adult of 40 years working in a college thinks funny is different.

So, here we suggest you keep things less funny. And even if you are more comfortable on the more comical side, keep it less funny by moulding the laughter with a thin coat of humour. Also, we caution you against anything off-colour, one-liners, and limericks.

  1. Be specific

Whatever topic you choose, it MUST have a specific thesis statement. This goes for everyone reading through this article. And, of course, this is a necessity. Before you even start writing your paper, you need to have a thesis statement. Of course, a thesis statement is not set in stone. It can morph as you dig further into your research. But, your thesis statement should set the tone of your paper. It should certainly be precise and robust.

  1. Do not skimp on the outline

You do not always need to invest hours in creating the outline. That said, an outline can sometimes help you mould the article while researching. For example, you can create a simple outline by dividing the entire paper into an introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Then, as you are exploring, pen down the data to be incorporated in each of your sections.

  • Give an accessible introduction.
  • Write the essay body to present the chief argument and specific data to support your content’s main idea.
  • The conclusion should find a place at the end. Care about the conclusion by highlighting points that restate the thesis and summarize the body of the paper.
  1. Revise

You cannot afford imperfection for college papers. Rarely are they ideal on your very first attempt. So, you can write the first draft and set it aside. And get back to it after a few days. Read the entire piece to yourself aloud. You can start by looking for holes in your story or analysis. Run the text through a few grammars and spell checkers. Check for plagiarized content to make sure everything is crystal clear. Have at least one person edit and proofread your essay. Here, a college counsellor is your best resource.

  1. Watch your length at last

Sometimes, some colleges keep a close watch on the essay’s word count. So, professors ask for a word count within which you have to include your personal experiences. You are not just trying to do the bare minimum but truly develop your argument and points. Add reflections to flesh out your paper and details by meeting any word count mentioned. If you have any issues while meeting the word count, you can hire experts online. Please go through the Myassignmenthelp Reviews and select a writing agency that convinces you of their work.

Parting thoughts,

Create a fantastic essay with these essay writing tips. Start with an excellent introduction and end with a thought-provoking conclusion. Then round out the paper thoughtfully and restate your thesis efficiently. Next, consider ways that can leave your professor glued to the last word of the text. Finally, end the essay with a concluding hook to ace it like a pro.

Author’s Bio: Adam Silvera is an essay writing expert known for composing flawless essays for students. He is also actively associated with MyAssignmentHelp.com. Therefore, you can resort to him for any assignment related issues.