How to Add Stylish Page Numbers in MS Word

Dynamic formatting and presentation go a lengthy means by engaging readers within MS Word documents. Adding page figures within the footer in garish fonts sucks in the artistic quotient of the documents.

Are you aware you can include geometric shapes to encase the page numbering for any higher effect? If you are still unsure on how to add page figures in Word, then continue reading.

How you can Add Page Figures in Word

Page figures in Word are pretty handy, especially when you’re working with many different pages concurrently. However, why use the dull, age-old page figures if you have lots of fancy options to select from.

Here’s the best way to add page figures within different shapes in Ms Word.

Step One: The Header and also the Footer

To insert page number in Word, the initial step would be to drag your cursor to the peak, in which a strip from the white-colored section is seen. Should you hover your pointer over this, something-tip shall appear suggesting that you double-click to cover the white-colored space.

You are able to number your website here or add chapter titles inside a fancy format.

As suggested by its name, the footer is definitely at the end of the page. In case your footer isn’t visible, you are able to alternately double-click the enable/disable the footer option and add some page number in fancy shapes here. This can be a crucial step with regards to adding figures to Word documents.

Step Two: Deciding Where you can Insert Page Number

The top factor to determine is to wish to put page figures in Word, i.e., within the header or even the footer. Double-hitting either should highlight them and permit you to go into the page number.

Before you decide to do, set the alignment. You should use the Ctrl J/L/R/E combo shortcuts to create the alignment for justified, left, right, or centered alignment, correspondingly.

Step Three: Insert the form

Click the Insert menu and choose the form to keep your page numbering. Hold lower the shift answer to re-size the form.

Step Four: Insert the Numbering

After you have placed the form, right-click it and choose Add Text. Select whatever font/text color/color fill you would like for that page numbering and also the shape. You can include circles, squares, rectangles and alter them quickly after you have mastered these steps.

Click the Header and Footer tab at the very top select Page Number tab. Make certain your cursor is within the placed shape. Click Present Position to insert the page number.

Adding Page Figures in MS Word

Adding page figures in Word is quite easy, particularly if you understand what to include where. Ms Word is really a handy suite, which will come well-outfitted with simple design rules to make it all easy.