Agenda Semanal Free Fire Diciembre 2021 ¡Conoce aquí!

Today’s Weekly Agenda this week In this roundup, Free Fire players can start saving some gems for everything that awaits them. Among each of the things that advanced in the new Free Fire Weekly Agenda from December 1 to 7, 2021, is the new Angle Incubator, you will not want to miss any.

The Free Fire Weekly Diary, which was discovered today, during the current week, has incredible impacts. Players will really want to guarantee skins from another incubator, New Gold Royale, Diamond Royale, and Weapon Royale. Assuming you are prepared and need to know everything that will be shown to you from December 1-7, here is the Weekly Agenda for December 1-7, 2021:

Monday 29: Diamond Royale Doctor Scarlet
Tuesday 30: Gold Royale Princess of the Dune
Wednesday 1: New Elite Poker Palace Pass
Thursday 2: Geometric Incubator
Saturday fourth: Weapon Royale treatment rifle: Ice Bones
Ready, here is the content of the new Agenda Weekly 1 of December 7, 2021 of Free Fire. It is an ideal opportunity to start collecting your gemstones assuming you need to get all the prizes that will come to Free Fire, remember to exchange your tickets for Diamonds and Gold.

Assuming you need to get the new Elite Pass for the long December period, you simply need to get 1200 gemstones assuming you need to pre-order with the Monster Truck skin as a gift, and again, on the off chance that you simply need the Pass Elite without additional decorations, you must pay 600 jewels on December 1st.