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In love with Wings? Visit American Deli because they serve among the best wings. Before you intend to go to there, make certain you understand their latest menu. Within this publish, let’s see their latest menu with prices.

American Deli menu includes wings, Philly steak, fried grain, hamburger, chicken tenders, gyros, fish, shrimp, salads, subs, Reuben, sides and drinks. They aren’t much costly when compared with other fast-food chains.

I think you’ll had a brief understanding of their menu, however, the complete menu is pointed out below. I’ve also incorporated another more information for example contact, franchise and dietary information. Now it’s time for you to see their menu before that, let’s possess a glance in their history.

American Deli is definitely an American casual dining restaurant that serves junk food and seafood. Center began by Ken Reimer and Tom Dahl in 1989. The very first American Deli was opened up in Atlanta, Georgia. The organization immediately opened up its second restaurant once they saw the first American Deli restaurant is definitely an instant hit. And also, since then, American Deli has opened up 100 locations all around the U.S.

American Deli Menu Prices

American Deli is principally legendary for the wings. You may choose the amount of bits of wings based upon your requirements. Should you not like wings, you can test out their Philly Steak.

They likewise have fried grain, hamburger, chicken tenders, gyros, fish, shrimp, Reuben, sides and drinks. Searching for something healthy? You can find salads and subs.

With affordable American Deli menu prices, you are able to take the family and buddies here for an entire bunch without having to spend lots of money. So, without further waiting, let’s browse the latest American Deli menu prices.


Wings 6pc 10pc 15pc 20pc
Wings Meal (Fries + Drink) $8.61 $11.49 $16.09 $20.69
Wings ONLY $6.54 $9.19 $13.79 $18.39


Wings 30pc 40pc 50pc 75pc 100pc
Family Pack $27.59 $36.79 $45.99 $66.69 $89.69

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Philly Meal (Fries + Drink) $9.19
Philly ONLY $7.46
Philly + Wing (5pc) Combo $12.64

Fried Rice

Fried Rice + Wing (5pc) Combo $12.64


Fried Rice Beef Chicken Shrimp Vegetable
Fried Rice ONLY $8.04 $8.04 $9.19 $6.89


Burger ONLY $7.46
Burger Meal (Fries + Drink) $9.19

Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders Meal (Fries + Drink) $9.19
Chicken Tenders (4pc) ONLY $7.46


Gyro ONLY $7.46

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Fish 2pc Tilapia 2pc Whiting
Fish Meal (Fries + Drink) $10.34 $9.19
Fish + Shrimp (4pc) Combo $12.64 $11.49


Fish + Wing (5pc) Combo $13.79
Fish ONLY $8.04


Shrimp Meal (Fries + Drink) $10.34
Shrimp ONLY $8.04


Salads Chef Fried Chicken Garden Grilled Chicken
Salad + Wings (5pc) Combo $12.06 $12.06 $10.91 $12.06
Salad ONLY $6.89 $6.89 $5.74 $6.89


Sub Meal (Fries + Drink) $8.61
Sub + Wings (5pc) Combo $12.06
Sub ONLY $6.89


Reuben + Wings (5pc) Combo $12.64
Reuben Meal (Fries + Drink) $9.19
Reuben ONLY $7.46

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Sides Medium Large
Fries $2.86 $4.01


Drinks Medium Drink (20 oz.) Large Drink (30 oz.)
Drink $2.17 $2.63