Anime Fighting Simulator Rimuru {Jan 2020} Get His Power List

Who’s Rimuru?

Rimuru is really a new boss who lately dropped into an anime inspired action & adventure game Anime Fighting Simulator. The Rimuru boss was one of the other bosses who got dropped throughout the Christmas update.

The brand new Christmas update also offers 10 occasions exp points, four new forces, a brand new champion and lots of updated rewards. Rimuru has quite unique forces, abilities and chakras.

The Rimuru boss is initially inspired through the famous light novel character Rimuru Tempest or formerly referred to as Satoru Mikami. Tell us much more about the sunshine novel anime character Rimuru Tempest before being familiar with the Anime Fighting Simulator Rimuru.

Who’s Rimuru Tempest?

Rimuru Tempest may be the primary protagonist from the light anime novel series That Point I Acquired Reincarnated like a Slime. Rimuru is one of the demon slime species and offers the blessing or divine protection from the Strong Crest.

Rimuru Tempest’s present title is Ruler of Monsters Awakened Demon Lord. His nicknames are Slime-san, Sensei and Milord. He’s the King and founding father of Jura Forest’s Jura Tempest Federation.

Rimuru is the greatest friend and partner of Vendora Tempest True Dragon. He presently resides in Rimuru city, also is the main city from the Jura Tempest Federation.

What Abilities Anime Fighting Simulator Rimuru Possess?

Rimuru is really a new boss within the Roblox game Anime Fighting Simulator. The type was introduced some days ago hanging around, so very little is famous about his skills. But yes, he’s a effective boss and offers some unique abilities.

Listing of Forces & Abilities of Rimuru:

When it comes to Durability:

Black Hole – The brand new AFS boss Rimuru can summon multiple black holes, pulling everybody towards them and causing high harm to all.

Gluttony – Rimuru may also release ever consuming darkness that is able to consume anybody it comes down into connection with.

When it comes to Chakra:

Hall Flame – The Anime Fighting Simulator Rimuru boss can shoot a concentrated ball of flames that incinerate the prospective.

Dark Lightning- Rimuru can summon dark lightning upon the closest target.

When it comes to Sword Skills:

God’s Wrath – A distinctive ability from the Rimuru boss is it can gather water particles in the surroundings and release them in deadly rage.

Hell Flare – Rimuru boss may also to produce condensed ball of flame that explodes if this reaches its target.


The brand new Rimuru boss within the AFS Roblox game is very interesting because it offers unique abilities that induce huge harm to the targets. Read this YouTube video to find out more on Rimuru.