Ashley Judd Accident What Happened | 2022 Was It Face Accident & Soon Plastic Surgery? Is She Married? Get All Information Here!

The article will give you details about the Ashley Judd Accident What Happened 2022. Scroll down to know about her accident.

Did you know about Ashley Judd’s accident? If you are also searching for details about Ashley’s dreadful accident, you can read everything about it. Ashley Judd met with an accident when she took a trip to the Congolese rainforest. People from different parts of the world, including the United States and Canada, suspect that Ashley has done face surgery.

Let’s know everything about Ashley Judd Accident What Happened 2022.

Ashley Judd accident

Ashley went on a trip to the Congolese forest in Central Africa. Her headlamp was not working in a proper manner, which caused her to slip above a fallen tree. She knew that her leg had been broken. She laid in severe pain in the rainforest for the next five hours. She was taken to the hospital in South Africa for nine days, and then she was transferred to Tennessee.

She added that despite having painkillers or relief in pain, she was able to thank and please. Her leg was tragically injured in the accident. Her face was swollen due to the medications. Several people were perplexed about her changing appearance.

Ashley Judd Face Accident

  • Ashley was injured in the accident that happened in 2021. After that, there was a change in her face. People wondered if she had gone through face surgery and made several assumptions about her looks. Ashley’s nervous system and leg were harmed in the accident, for which she had to take proper medications that caused swelling in her face.
  • Ashley was judged for her puffy face and weight gain as people thought it was a facelift, cosmetic surgery, etc. The actress cleared that she has to undergo Botox injections to treat siege migraines. So no facts are claiming Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery.

Ashley Judd’s married life

  • Ashley Judd is currently single. She got engaged to Dario Franchitti, a Scottish racing driver. The couple tied the knot in December 2001 in Scotland. After 12 years of their marriage, they got separated and divorced. Ashley does not have children, as she is an antinatalist. Ashley recently lost her beloved mother due to some illness.
  • Ashley’s full name is Ashley Tyler Ciminella. She took birth on 19 April 1968 in Los Angeles, US. She completed her education at Harvard University. She has started in various films. As per Is Ashley Judd Married, Ashley is not married after her divorce from her ex-husband Dario. She had been through a massive accident and recovered.


The article will give you in-depth details about Ashley Judd’s accident. People were making speculations about her puffy and lifted face, but there was no surgery done on her face. Ashley’s leg and nervous system were harmed in the accident, for which she took medication. She was married in 2001 and divorced in 2013.