The Mirror World theme, new gameplay elements, and more are included in the latest Battlegrounds Mobile India update 1.7.

The Mirror World theme, new gameplay elements, and more are included in the latest Battlegrounds Mobile India update 1.7.

The BGMI V1.7 update is now available, and here’s what it includes.


  • Version 1.7 of the BGMI app is now available for both Android and iOS.
  • The new League of Legends Netflix series, Arcane, is included in the update and the new Mirror World Theme mode and all-new gameplay features.
  • Liverpool FC, a global footballing giant, has also established a relationship with Krafton.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

The BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) update version 1.7 has been released to both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store by Krafton. Arcane, a new League of Legends Netflix series, is included in the update. New gaming mechanics and a new Mirror World Theme mode. Starting today, the Mirror World Theme is accessible in Erangel, Livia, and Sanook. If you want to be the best in BGMI go and read Video game reviews Write for us. After some time has passed since entering the maps, Mirror Island appears in the skies. The Wind Wall on the ground allows players to enter the mode. Piggybacking and grenade indications are among the new gameplay features added to the BGMI. The former will enable gamers to resurrect a fallen teammate or foe.

Liverpool FC, a global footballing giant, has also established a relationship with Krafton. You’ll Never Walk Alone is one of many events featuring The Reds in the Event sections, with rewards like the Liverpool FC parachute, the Liverpool FC rucksack, etc. Even the prized Liverpool FC shirt is available. On November 20th, this will be implemented.

V1.7 of the BGMI

Version 1.7 of Battlegrounds Mobile has been released in India.

The BGMI v1.7 update introduces the new Mirror World Theme option, transforming the player’s character into four League of Legends and Arcane legends—Jinx, Vi, Jayce, and Caitlyn. With the Arcade character’s weapons and skills, the player can kill a monster on Mirror Island. If a player kills a monster, they will receive Hextech Crystals, which may be used to swap the shards for various battle gear. They can return to the usual battlegrounds whenever the character dies or their time on the Mirror Island expires.

According to Krafton, the game will be filled with surprises later this month, including new piggyback features and weapon-related modifications in Classic Mode. The piggyback feature will allow players to pick up a downed teammate or adversary. However, the player’s movement will be restricted, and they will be unable to utilize equipment or ride a vehicle while carrying. During the carry, the held player’s HP depletes. A new grenade indication has been added, which displays the exact location of the grenade. The new weapon balance will affect SLR, SKS, mini14, VSS, and DP28.

V17 of the BGMI (1)

In addition, the V1.7 update offers several new events, including Mirror World events where players can obtain Arcane emotes, and items, among other things, will be available until the holiday season. When you play with eight friends in the Recall event, you will receive Recall tokens, which can be swapped for rewards such as the SCAR-L Malachite permanent item. The enigmatic Mirror Realm is the subject of month 5 of the Royale Pass, which launches today at 360UC.

According to Krafton, the update also includes specific enhancements based on input from game enthusiasts, allowing for more finesse, control, and strategy during gameplay. It aspires to provide features such as a variety of maps with various terrains in a virtual setting and free-to-play and multiplayer experience possibilities. Finally, Krafton teased several of the game’s most popular modes, including Vikendi map, Metro Royale, Survive Til Dawn, and more modes that will be brought back sequentially.

Notes for Pubg Mobile 1.7

The official Pubg Mobile 1.7 patch notes are available here if you’re interested. Continue reading. The game interface will be altered to some level because the developers have updated many things, such as updating weaponry, tools, and backgrounds, to make the game enjoyable in the Arcane world. A new terrain, weapon, gun skin, and optimal carry features are included in the latest version. The Pubg map is usually only available in PC mode, but it has now been introduced to the mobile version. The only weapon, “Blue Zone Grenade,” which affects both Blue Zone and Blue Zone Grenade, is also available in the Blue Zone. Another intriguing upgrade is the M416 pistol skin, which adds functions to your Pubg mobile.