Bell Armor Gpo (Updated 2022) Grab The New Features Here!

About GPO

The entire type of GPO is Grand Piece Online. This gaming is one of the Roblox platform, produced by the Grand Quest Games. The genre of the game is definitely an adventure. It had been a significantly-anticipated game and it was launched around 2020. In this particular short time, the sport has gotten immense recognition.

Its plot includes a seafaring adventure where players uncover and explore different islands which are hidden over the ocean. The brand new Bell Armor Gpo will greatly benefit this quest from the players.

Players also look for treasures and a few exotic in-game fruits made to give their consumers special forces. Players can also get to construct a military to challenge various bosses, by defeating them, the gamer progresses hanging around.

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What’s Bell Armor?

On 25th December 2021, the developers from the game have launched its new edition. The Bell armor is part of this update. As it is a journey game and holds several fighting situations, armors are important accessories for that players in order to save themselves from defeat. The Bell Armor Gpo may be the latest armor put into the sport.

This is actually the second bell item from the game following the Santa’s Balls. It features a 25% drop chance and could be seen in the winter caves, a brand new accessory for the in-game locations. The armor looks to become holding multiple bells that are suited to the players’ physiques. Listed below are some specifications relating to this new armor

  • Armor Name: Bell Armor
  • Shedding Chance: 25%
  • Dropped From: The Krampus
  • Extra Health: 75 HP
  • The rarity from the Armor: The armor is rare

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Additional Features from the New Update Aside from Bell Armor Gpo

Aside from this latest bell-formed armor, the Christmas update made several new inclusions in farmville. These additional features include two new islands named Winter Wonderland and Winter Cave, newer and more effective Bosses and small-bosses, two new MISC – Latest seem effects, decreased kill participation and a lot of new occasions. Here you could have more details about these updates.


There’s without doubt this new game update is a superb Christmas gift for its players, and it’ll raise the gaming experience. Before playing, find out how Gamers identify robux generator is fake. If you’re a player from the game, share your opinion concerning the Bell Armor Gpo update around within the comments.