Clan Del Golfo Net Worth {Oct 2021} – All Details Given

Beginning points and Structure

Numerous well-known medication rulers set up the association, the Clan leaders like Daniel Rendon Herrera, Carlos Mario Usuga, Gustavo Adolfo, Juan de Dios Usuga, and Dario Antonio Usuga David, who had been caught as recently through the Colombian armed pressure.

Based on reports, it’s greater than 3000 individuals within the gathering’s internal circle and works throughout the country. Discussing the entire assets, the newest mind of Clan got “Otoniel “, assessed to possess $1 billion total assets. Prior, Dairo, otherwise known as Otoniel, was a person in the Popular Liberation Army, and then, it had been assimilated into Colombian U . s . Self-Defense forces.

Clan Del Golfo Internet worth 2021

The entire assets of the association aren’t notable, yet it may actually be assessed through the total assets of their leaders. Nevertheless, research indicates the business makes around $7 billion each year or even more, however, ongoing catches through the military and mother and father cut the tribe business lower.

“Otoniel”, their chief as recently caught, is assessed to possess total assets in excess of 1.4 Billion and more and it is incredibly rich, getting military forces too. Notwithstanding business and medicines, the association is furthermore engaged with illegal mining, illegal exploitation, killing and threatening neighborhood pioneers, and so on which adds more to Clan Del Golfo Internet worth 2021.

Updates about Clan Del Golfo

The Druglord or mind of Clan Otoniel, otherwise known as Dairo Antonio Usuga, was become by Colombian players in northern Antioquia area under “Activity Osiris”, stopping 6 years old search for the denounced communicated in coordination between police, armed pressure, flying corps, and marine power.

The research indicates he has enrolled more than 1200 individuals outfitted most abundant in recent weapons working under him and do different works like dying, illicit mining, kid selection, illegal exploitation, and so on, which furthermore contributes towards Clan Del Golfo Internet worth


Accordingly, through the above data, we are able to comprehend that Clan Del Golfo is among the finest medication cartel associations along with a dangerous one using its paramilitary power furnished most abundant in recent weapons. Besides, their illegal mining, drug circulation and so forth, provide them with enough financing for his or her development as more than 3000 individuals work under this association.