COVID-19 vaccine guidance from Healthcarthub !

Eligibility for third doses and booster doses

Third doses from the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines happen to be approved for patients who’ve had their second dose a minimum of 4 weeks ago and therefore are moderately or seriously immunocompromised as based on the CDC.

Booster doses are strongly encouraged for individuals who’re age 65 and older and have underlying health conditions. Boosters will also be highly suggested for individuals 18 and older who received the only-dose Manley and Manley vaccine greater than two several weeks ago. Additionally, CDPH now recommends that you simply assess your height of risk and obtain a booster if you’re susceptible to COVID-19 exposure and:

Are 18 or older, and

Have finished the 2-shot Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines greater than six several weeks ago.

Boosters could be “mixed and matched” following a completing the main vaccination series having a different available COVID-19 vaccine. For instance:

Should you received the Manley and Manley vaccine and therefore are 18 years old or older, you could get whether booster of Moderna (half dose) or Pfizer vaccine two several weeks after receiving most of your vaccination.

Should you received the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine and therefore are 18 years old and older, you could get whether booster of Moderna (half dose), Pfizer, or Manley and Manley vaccine six several weeks after finishing most of your series.

Individuals who wish to strengthen their natural defenses having a booster ought to visit their primary health care providers and native pharmacies. Supplies at local clinics might be limited.

Choices for consent for minors

Persons more youthful than 18 years should have parental or protector consent provided by a legally approved representative (parent or protector). An emancipated minor may consent for him/herself. Presently, just the Pfizer vaccine has gotten Emergency Use Authorization for individuals under 18.

Allowable consent includes:

Parent/protector comes with the minor personally.

When the parent/protector cannot accompany the minor, a signed written consent is suitable. The written consent must verify parentsOrprotector continues to be provided the Pfizer EUA Booklet.

Phone or video consent can be done when the parent/protector confirms they have been provided the Pfizer EUA Booklet or even the Booklet is read towards the parent/protector.

An example form in the California Department of Public Health are available here. The Sonoma County Office of your practice also offers consent forms in British and Spanish.

To locate clinics where minors could be vaccinated, go to the Vaccine Clinics page.