Craigkellymp Com {Sep 2021} Know The Complete Fact!

Let’s explore the details about Craigkellymp com, that was produced to abuse Australian Craig Kelly MP and encourages users to transmit his memes.

Try separating the Craigkellymp, that is registered like a url of your website. There is a term describes Craig Kelly, a politician around australia.

Presently, the web site acquired recognition one of the citizens who’re from the policies of Craig using one of those who oppose Taxes. A YouTuber using the account name FriendlyJordies is suspected of making this site.

About Craig Kelly:

He is part of the home of Representatives for Hughes in Nsw. Craig was lately in news reports because he had sent texts to 14 million Australian citizens asking when the Covid vaccine was effective. The written text message caused frustration one of the people.


This site was mistaken like a website of Craig for publishing public posts, also it was because the specific website was associated with Craig. The web site used profanity against Craig and George Christensen.

The web site Craigkellymp com is luring individuals to send memes of Craig. Additionally, it featured funny videos and cartoons about Craig. The web site described itself as serving the city and opposing taxes.

On seeing similarly info online, people initially believed that Craig might possibly not have compensated for leasing the web site name, and thus, the web site may have been absorbed by trollers.

But, later, it had been known that Craig didn’t own any web site. Someone is attempting to abuse Craig. People think that website might have been produced by FriendlyJordies, a YouTuber, because it were built with a link requesting donations for him.

Craigkellymp com Specifications:

Street address – not given

Telephone number – not given

E-mail Address –

Hr person – not given

Address of Website –

Ip of website –

Registrar – LLC

Hosting company – AS26496

Server location – Singapore

Server address – 1°17’22.9 “N and 103°51’00.4 “E (or) 28 North Bridge Rd, Singapore.

Alexa Rank -3391777

Website Age – seventh September, ten days old.

Website registration expiry – seventh September 2023

Website Trust Score – 14.4%, not reliable

Social Networking links -unavailable

Craigkellymp com Owner Contact Information -This information isn’t provided

Closeness to Suspicious Websites -7/100.

Website Recognition -1269188, poor

Threat Profile -58/100

Phishing Score -33/100

Adware and spyware Score -58/100

Junk e-mail Score -2/100


It’s obvious that Craig Kelly MP doesn’t own the web site. The web site is defaming Craig for political reasons because the agenda of tax and community services are pointed out. Further, the web site appears to possess plans of expansion because it is collecting visitor’s e-mail addresses. Craigkellymp com had registered outdoors Australia for security reasons.