Crypto Art Sales are Soaring as Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Market Gains Traction

Crypto art being bought and offered as ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFT) continues to be making the news in line with the record-breaking sales being observed. This emerging marketplace is gaining traction regardless of the uncertain economic occasions, based on data acquisition and analytics company DappRadar.

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Crypto artworks selling in excess of $100,000

September 21st marked the very first time a crypto work of art have been bought not less than $100,000, following a unparalleled purchase of “Matt Kane’s Right Place & Right Time” on This offered like a signal to exhibit the untapped potential within this emerging market.

Per the report:

“Now, under three several weeks later another piece has elevated over $140,000. A programmable form of a scene depicting Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum outfitted just like a medieval harlequin leaning against a velvet chair made records a few days ago when an NFT representation offered for 260 ETH or higher $141,000 during the time of writing.”

The purchase from the second piece can serve as the icing around the cake with regards to the most compensated crypto art in dollars.

Searching for a secure haven

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has triggered a worldwide economic turmoil, which has increased investors’ pursuit for any safe store of worth. This is among the factors that’s making the crypto art sell to gain traction.

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DappRadar acknowledged:

“The trend appears to become driven with a couple of major factors including Investors searching for any safe store of worth and also the space receiving increased attention as platforms attempted to integrate DeFi mechanics like the utilization of NFTs as collateral, Insurance, and also the delivery of governance tokens to loyal users.”

These crypto pieces appear to become giving investors good value since they’re unique artworks. For example, Matt Kane’s ‘Right Place & Right Time’ piece is distinctive since it creates a new image daily.

In addition, it comprises 24 programmable layers synchronized with Bitcoin’s cost volatility previously 24 hrs. The 2nd piece can also be exceptional since it relies on a programmable technology known as layering in remaking itself every day. Lately, the very best 10 decentralized applications (Dapps) around the Ethereum Network surpassed a million daily users, using one of them was Rarible, an NFT marketplace.