Dexter Season 9: Here’s What We Know About Its Return

Dexter’s series return is planned with this year. All you need to learn about Michael C. Hall’s murderer revival including cast, start, content, trailers, and also the latest information are available here.

This season the series Dexter will get a brand new finale by means of a ninth season. Michael C. Hall returns as murderer Dexter Morgan, however this time years later as well as in a totally new setting.

We’ll help you stay current with constant updates on what’s happening using the Dexter return when it comes to cast, filming, start date, first trailer videos, and fascinating developments.

When will the ninth season of Dexter start?

In October 2020, this news of the Dexter follow up came. Filming started at the begining of 2021. The United States launch of Dexter’s ninth season on Showtime continues to be announced for fall 2021. How and when the series can come to Germany isn’t yet


Dexter’s ninth months are stated to possess 10 episodes.

Not one other months are presently planned past the year. For it to be the brand new finale from the series.

The very first 8 seasons of Dexter ran from 2006-2013. Based on the real-time gap, season 9 also needs to play inside the series 8 years later.

Dexter Season 9 Plot: location, content, and much more.

What’s Dexter Season 9 about? Almost ten years after Dexter Morgan faked his dying and visited Or like a lumberjack, we currently meet him inside a new location not even close to Miami’s beaches: Iron Lake is his new house in upstate New You are able to and it is Dexter’s anti-Miami.

The little town includes a senior high school, a police chief, as well as an unofficial town leader: Kurt Caldwell runs a trucker rest stop, has labored his in place from truck driver to who owns several trucks, and it is a guy of those, but nobody should wreck havoc on him. From time to time his boy goes overboard. That may get Dexter’s attention.

Dexter themself is much more lower-to-earth now. But his murderous side, the ‘dark companion’, who allow him to live his instinct to kill other crooks within the first 8 seasons, can also be not from the world. “People will die,” it had been already stated. Dexter’s job being an worker of the fish and sports business fits all of the better.

Within the interplay of various elements, season 9 using its crooks, effective and policemen continues to be similar to the old Dexter series regardless of the all-around renewal.

Dexter Season 9: The very first pictures and trailers are promising.

The very first picture of Michael C. Hall’s return as Dexter had been in Feb 2021 and tempted me having a smile. An initial official video also provided 3 hidden references towards the ninth season, Dexter, of course this teaser trailer was just ten seconds lengthy.

Will Dexter enhance the questionable series finale in season 9?

Warning, spoilers for that Dexter finale: The finish from the Dexter series is well known since it left many fans very unsatisfied. Even Michael C. Hall really wants to atone for the unloved finale.

Within the last episode, Dexter wiped out his sister Debra (who had been shot within the hospital without brain functions) and sent his boy Harrison to Argentina together with his partner Hannah McKay. Then he faked their own dying by steering his boat right into a storm, however in your final scene, i was proven like a bearded lumberjack, presumably with a brand new identity, in Or.