Dragon Master 52 {Jan 2022} Curious To Know? Read Here!

What’s the Game?

Once we said, farmville has improvements. Also, players can enjoy the sport with various encounters.

A gamer can enjoy the sport with assorted dragons which have superpower elements. Players can pick the dragons and capture them. The dragons may be used to start and finish a game title.

It’s the most original pattern from the game. Besides this, the strength of “Blockchain” provides the game more enhanced and powerful elements.

The sport has security enhancement from “Ethereum” while offering absolute security from the cyber-attacks.

What’s Dragon Master 52?

Now we ought to know of the theme.

There’s a Dragon Master that lives inland – “Lemuria.” It’s the dragon land. There are numerous types of dragons within this land which have several unique power.

As players, it’s possible to explore several types of dragons. They’ve features, forces, strengths and names.

What they are called from the a dragon is extremely unique. You’re going to get “Bomb Dragon”, “Titan Dragon,” “Free Dragon,” and “Thunder Dragon”.

A person may use these dragons. Players can chase the mission and finish the job from the game as reported by the rule.

Dragon Master 52- Playing Strategy

To experience the “Dragon Master,” you need to take an approach to win the sport.

The critical part of the game is making your personal dragons team. As reported by the rule from the game, a person may take 4 various sizes of dragons.

How big the dragons ought to be extra-large, large, medium and small. It’ll complete they of the player.

Using the four sizes of dragons, the members can begin the sport. The specific battlefield is “5 tracks”.

But there’s a thumb rule of the Dragon Master 52.

When you purchase giant size dragon, it will get heavyweight around the game field but has minimum power. The greater enormous dragon are only able to push the dragon around the battlefield. It initiates the hits power the player’s “HP”. We all know the winners’ names once the “HP” hits the “Zero Line”.


The sport has been popularized by game enthusiasts lately. Many game enthusiasts wish to take part in the game.

It’s a lot of reasons. Gamers can perform mixtures of various they by skill, forces and strategy.

Players can enjoy Dragon Master 52 game on their own Android version. Gamers may also download the sport.