Dry Eye Sleep Mask- Keep Your Eye Dryness Under Control !

Dry eyes can be problematic if the condition lasts for long. It causes irritation, gritty feelings, redness, and more. The pain and irritation can increase as the day passes and can interrupt your daily routine.

f you have experienced dry eyes, you may have realized that the pain and itch increase as the day passes and reaches their peak at night. Dry eyes keep you from performing essential tasks, going to meetings, and even gatherings.  Fortunately, this condition is not incurable. Several solutions like dry eye sleep masks, medical treatments, and more tend to solve this condition eventually. Keep reading if you have been dealing with this for quite a while, or you get DES every season. We will help you get better insights into how dry eyes occur, the factors that affect them, and how you can solve them.

Before going further into the discussion, let us first see what can cause the dryness.

What causes dry eyes?

The dryness in the eyes may occur due to a lot of reasons. One of the common factors is the lack of tear production in the eyes. Poor quality tears or quick evaporation of them are also the primary cause behind dry eyes. On every blink, your under eye spreads moisture over the cornea. The cornea may feel and get dry if there aren’t enough tears.

Dry eyes are also connected to metabolic disorders and inflammation. According to a study by the U.S National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, it is suggested that adult females are prone to have dry eyes if they have metabolic disorders.

Another condition called Nocturnal lagophthalmos is when you are not able to close your eyes entirely during sleep. This may happen when you haven’t healed from eye surgery, deformity of the lid, or facial palsy. The condition is associated with dry eyes because eyes are exposed to light during sleep.

Health conditions can also be a door to dry eyes. Diseases like diabetes, Sarcoid disease, Sjorgen disease, sleep apnea, and thyroid are common reasons for dry eyes. Hormonal changes in women due to menopause may also cause this condition. Dry eye relief masks can be of great help in these situations. They bring back the moisture in the eyes and ultimately treat the problem.

Why are your eyes drier at night?

Eyes naturally dry out after you use them all day. However, there are other reasons why they are drier at night.

This situation is associated with the changing metabolism of the body at night. The body temperature reduces by one to two degrees during bedtime, and the metabolism slows down during sleep. The blood circulation slows down, and the eyes get fewer nutrients and produce fewer tears.

Natural Remedies for dry eyes

There are many accessible remedies that can treat dry eyes gradually. Use lubricating tears,  ointments, and gels to keep the eyes moisturized. For dryness caused by external light, a dry eye mask for sleeping may help bring back the moisture in the cornea.

Lifestyle changes can also limit dryness in the eyes. You can start by reducing the use of the computer before sleeping. The use of a humidifier in rooms can also add moisture to the air, aiding in keeping your eyes wet.

Medical treatment

If your condition has lasted longer than usual, consult a professional. The doctor may prescribe medicines or dry eye treatment options. Some eye doctors also suggest using a dry eye relief mask to use during sleep.

Frame the right plan for your dry eyes and get rid of them right away. The quick action will help to improve the quality of your tears, and you will have enhanced vision.