As we all must have read in school that what is water pollution, why does water pollution occur? If you want to have a  basic knowledge of what is going on now, what could be the problem with water pollution Or its related consequences in the future.

So in the beginning we will first know what is water. water is a wonder liquid. Wonder liquid is called because it is in a liquid state, 71% of our earth is filled with water.

Now you will say that if the earth is 71 percent water then what is the problem of water but let me tell you that the water used is only 0.03% and that too gets lost day by day.

There are many animals inside the water, due to which it is alive. Different types of animals are found inside the water, which is dependent on water.

There is an outcry in the whole country about water pollution because if all the water gets polluted, you will not be able to live on earth.

Water Treatment is very important for make to water for drink.

Now we will talk about what is water pollution and how it is happening.


When physical, biological, and chemical changes occur in water because the Unwanted Substance gets mixed in it In such conditions the color of the water changes, the taste gets spoiled and the water looks dirty too which we cannot use.

There are two types of water pollution


The water pollution in it is ocean, river, lake, pond, whatever water is present on the earth, they are getting dirty due to many reactions.


underground water is what is underground water if it gets contaminated because of gasoline, oil, road salt, ad chemicals, all can go into underground water, which can spoil the water, reason of underground water pollution.

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  1. Foreign organic substances (pesticides, fertilizer, detergent)Whatever fertilizers, pesticides, are used in agriculture, they produce chemicals that mix with water, which causes water pollution.
  2. Inorganic substance (metal)Industrial effluent comes out all that dissolves in the ocean which spoils water
  3. Biological( virus, protozoa, bacteria)Any bacteria or fungus found in the water, biologically pollutes the water and it is a natural process of water pollution.
  4. Urbanization Water is getting dirty due to urbanization, it is getting polluted, people have started using advanced technology, due to which the water is getting dirty.
  5. 5. Deforestation is one of the main reasons to unbalance the whole earth, due to deforestation, the whole environmental cycle has been disturbed, which is harming the purely natural thing.
  6. Social and religious practices: Water is also getting dirty due to religious belief, people used the river for a bath, and ritual throw water is affected by it and it is most commonly seen in India.


Before we know how to prevent water pollution, we need to know what is the cause of water pollution??

  1. Reduce chemical use
  2. Dispose of unwanted substances properly
  3. In agriculture, the farmer should avoid inorganic substances and use organic substances.
  4. Sewage treatment plant should be developed properly
  5. Government should make a strict law regarding water pollution
  6. Avoid dirtying the water as much as possible and use only as much water as you need
  7. Properly dispose of medicines or drugs you are not consuming
  8. Use less Detergent or laundry powder in place of this environmentally friendly Detergent.
  9. Deforestation should be stopped. People should make sure not to cut trees.
  10. Use as much water as you can, don’t waste it.

Pollution in our country.

  • 2007 Case Study It was discovered that water pollution is more likely to be caused by sewage discharge.
  • There are very few sewage treatment plants in India and the maintenance of the ones that are there is not at all good.
  • The government has kept the sewage treatment plant off more And the maintenance is also bad.
  • NRGBA central government of India 20 February 2009 under section 3(3) of the environment protection act, 1986.


Look water is very important to water which is a natural resource 2/3 part of the earth is covered by water. And if we look at 2/3, we have 0.3% of the water that living organisms can use to drink.

Water pollution occurs due to different reasons like we have seen that due to many reasons water pollution occurs.

The government should run different schemes, how to stop water pollution, the public should be given knowledge that how they should stop water pollution.


Q1.What harm can be caused by water pollution?

Ans: Due to water pollution, we can get typhoid, diarrhea, dengue and can cause internal disease.

Water pollution can be so dangerous that it can even kill a human.

Pure water is one of our necessities, our life depends on it, if it becomes dirty then there will be a problem.