Effective Tips Protect Yourself from Coronavirus

Our world is facing a great problem nowadays. It is now difficult to find a person who has not heard of coronavirus disease. Coronavirus is now a worldwide disease. However, it started in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. It has spread to more than 160 countries around the world. People all over the world are trying to protect themselves from coronavirus. Character of this virus carried man to man. To avoid yourself from coronavirus, always keep distance from others. There are some remedies given below on how to protect yourself from coronavirus.

Symptoms Of Coronavirus

How do you know if someone has a coronavirus? In fact, no one can say for sure until the test is done. However, there are some symptoms of this disease. From which it can be generally assumed that these are the initial symptoms of coronavirus. Symptoms of this virus are fever, headaches, cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, diarrhea, tiredness, difficulty breathing, and a loss of taste or smell.

  • Fever
  • Dry cough
  • Cold
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea with fever (in some cases)
  • Breathing problems or shortness of breath (in severe cases)

However, keep in mind that these symptoms may not appear as soon as you are infected with the coronavirus. In many cases, these symptoms begin to appear within 1 to 14 days of being infected. On average, however, symptoms can be seen within 5 days of being infected with the virus. And in most cases the symptoms start mild. However, severe symptoms include persistent fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath. Contact your doctor immediately if these symptoms occur.

The things you should always carry whenever you go out

Whenever you go out for any work, always keep at least 3mitre away from others.  Always carry a mask, surgical or cotton mask and take the healthiest food in the world. When you touch anything, always sanitize your hand. If you want you should also use hand gloves and a face mask. This is the most helpful thing to protect you from coronavirus.

Home remedies of coronavirus

People who are affected by mild symptoms of coronavirus can isolate you at home. Also with the help of a doctor. If you feel a mild fever, loss of smell, cough etc, you cannot need to go to hospital. You can isolate yourself at home, and use hot water. Eat healthy things. And also some medicine with the help of a doctor. Drink enough water.

Drinking basil and mint leaves

Basil and mint leaves are natural things. You should boil it with hot water and drink it daily in the morning. This helps you from sore throating.

Honey and lemon with hot water

Honey is sweeter and natural; it also helps you to protect yourselves from coronavirus. If you use honey and lemon with hot water daily in the morning and evening, you will get help from it.

Chewing clove and black pepper

If you suffer from a sore throat, you can also try clove and black paper. Keep it in your mouth and chew it, you see that you will get better health.


If you feel fever, cough, cold and feel some pain in your body. You can use paracetamol  or ibuprofen as a painkiller. If you are on diet and have COVID positive then avoid taking lipozene diet pills without knowing lipozene side effects.

Avoid alcohol

You should always avoid alcohol, because due to covid 19 damage to our liver, so if you drink alcohol it is more harmful for your health.

Eat healthy food

Eat healthy food like vegetables, fish, egg, meat, milk, fruits and especially lemon, which is more helpful for your health. And also avoid junk food which is not good for your health.


Corona viruses are a different type of virus. And its characteristics are many. In research, scientists have found different symptoms of viruses in different kinds of people. We don’t fear these viruses. To avoid these viruses, always use masks, alcohol based hand sanitizers, whenever you go out, always keep at least 3 miter distances from others. And after returning home wash your body and clothes. Also wash the things you bought from the market. This is the best way to cure yourself of these coronaviruses.