EMS Training: Inside The Workout That Uses Electricity!

Working out for as little time as watching episodes of Friends but still getting amazing results is nothing but a dream, right? Well, if we are talking about a traditional means of training method, it is impossible.

However, you can certainly get the desired results if it’s EMS training. This futuristic style of training exercise is getting popular for its short and effective workout routine.

EMS training works on the principle of sending electrical signals to all your muscles while exercising and creating resistance for better workout results. EMS training involves wearing a suit full of electrodes.

The electrodes are places where they are directly in contact with your muscles. As your muscles start moving, electrical signals are sent to help your muscles contract.

Experts believe that a 20 minutes workout is more than enough to give your full-body workout. Seeing how EMS holds the potential to become the core technology in the fitness industry, we talked to experts to explain what exactly EMS is and how it works.

What Is EMS Training?

EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation. As we have already mentioned above, you will don a suit full of electrodes during the EMS training. These electrodes are situated along with major muscle groups.

These suits are of two types. One is wired, and then there is wireless. Wireless suits run off a low voltage battery, while wired suits are connected to a control panel.

As you start doing exercise, or even a basic movement, electrical signals are sent to the muscles. This electrical sensation causes your targeted muscles to contract. The electrical signals are low, and it doesn’t hurt, but you will start feeling your muscles contracting.

These contractions mimic the natural muscle contraction after the brain stimulation to elevate the training intensity. This training method aims to fortify the muscle strength of the targeted muscle groups.

Benefits Of EMS Training

The reason why EMS training is getting popular is because of its high time : results ratio. In the traditional method, you need to target different muscles with different exercises. However, to give your body a full-body workout, you need to invest hours after hours in the gym.

However, in the case of EMS training, you don’t have to spend hours. With just 20 minutes of training in a wireless EMS studio, you can get a full-body workout result.

That being said, here are the benefits you can reap from EMS training.

1. Saves Time

In today’s busy schedule, finding time to work out daily is challenging for many people. And even if you found just enough to invest in physical training, people couldn’t because time will be lost just commuting.

This is where EMS training helps individuals to complete their daily workouts. With EMS, 20 minutes is enough to give your body a complete full-body workout.

2. Rapid Results

EMS training is helping people to get desired results within weeks rather than months. And what you can attain with years of training, you can attain in months.

This is because your full body is engaged throughout the EMS workout, and almost 92% of your body muscles are taking part in the training simultaneously.

3. Open To All Age

The problem with traditional workout methods is that exercises are divided into different categories such as beginner, expert, and age. However, EMS training is not limited to such a metric.

It doesn’t matter whether you are young, old, in shape, or want to take your fitness to a different level; EMS training can help you achieve your goals.

Heading To EMS Studio

EMS is a form of workout that needs to be done in a studio under an expert’s supervision. This is because you are using an electrical device that sends electrical signals to your body. Therefore, you need a professional to ensure your safety.

Although your exposure to the device will be short-lived, and you will have a hands-on training guide to get the most out of your training, you need a professional to track your every exercise.

While you might find an EMS device online for your home use, you will not get the same full-body workout experience. For that, you need to visit an EMS Studio.