Everything You Need To Know About Apexo Elevators.

Dentistry is a wide field that deals with restoring teeth and oral health. Dental experts use many instruments to make patients more comfortable with dental treatments. Among the different atraumatic dental instruments, one such instrument is the Apexo elevator.

The instruments function to remove the fractured root tips. It also loosens the teeth from the periodontal ligaments. Now, we will discuss its unique features and variations.

What Is Unique About Apexo Elevators?

Apexo elevators are one the crucial dental elevators but have their distinctive features as

  • Ergonomic Round Handles – make this instrument more practicable for the surgeons by reducing the strain on the surgeon’s hands. Also, the round handles are easy to grip and use.
  • Autoclavable is easy to autoclave so that surgeons can use the same surgical tool many times.
  • Crafting Material – Apexo elevators are German forged; that is why they are reliable and durable with premium quality. Additionally, the manufacturing material makes them corrosion and rust-free.
  • Serrated Pattern – facilitates the surgeons in easy and atraumatic extraction of dental roots.
  • Lightweight and easy to maintain the tool is lightweight, making it easy to handle during dental surgical procedures. It also requires low maintenance and shows high tensile strength.
  • Many variations – this opens up more options for the surgeons that helps the surgeons select the one they need for their clinical practices.

Different Variations of Apexo Elevators

Now, let’s look at the different variations of such dental elevators.

1. Apexo Elevator 303

It elevates the periosteum and loosens the fractured fragment from the periodontal ligament. Thus, the equipment is effective for extracting root canals. In addition, the instrument is specific for removing the root tips below the gingival line. Apex elevator 303 features a hexagonal tapered handle.

Also, this dental elevator is resistant to discoloration and corrosion. It has one curved side; thus, it can access the dental spaces where the straight elevators cannot reach. Besides, this dental tool is German forged, making it reliable and long-lasting. That is why it is also resistant to corrosion and rust. This instrument is also available in different sizes.

2. Apexo Elevator 302

It is a variation of the Apexo elevator. It is specific for making teeth extraction easy by loosening the teeth from the periodontal ligament. The equipment assists the dentist with its thin and sharp-angled tip blade. Additionally, this type of dental elevator is perfect for the teeth that lie further back on edge. The ergonomic round handle is more practicable for teeth extraction procedures.

The dental instrument is sterilizable as it is German forged. The fine quality of this dental tool makes it reliable for long-term use. The sharp tip makes access easy to the fractured root fragments.

3. Apexo Elevator 301, Wide Serrated

This variation of Apexo elevators makes the tooth extraction easy with its straight and smooth tip. The surgical equipment is autoclavable as German forged. Besides, it’s rust-proof and corrosion-proof. The straight tip helps remove the root fragments from the anterior region. In addition, the style is atraumatic to offer more ease to surgeons during dental surgeries.

This dental tool is available in small, medium, and large patterns. The wide tip blade and serrated pattern make this Apexo elevator different from the other elevators. The instrument smoothly removes the root tips without trauma or nearby damaging tissues.

4. Apexo elevator 301 Wide

One of the variations of Apexo elevators features a wide tip blade for atraumatic teeth extraction. It loosens the teeth from the periodontal ligament without hurting the nearby tissues or teeth. The dental instrument is efficient, safe, and reliable due to German forging. Moreover, it is resistant to stains, rust, and corrosion. The ergonomic round handle makes it easy for surgeons to use this surgical tool.

The dental elevator is also sterilizable and lightweight. In addition, the instrument does not need much maintenance due to its fine-quality material.

Are You Looking for Premium Quality Apexo Elevators?

The fine quality of the surgical instrument is the first demand of dentists. The reason is that the instruments go in the buccal cavity and teeth. So, the premium quality and hygiene become the surgeon’s chief preferences.

By keeping all the demands of the practitioners, GerDentUSA offers the supreme quality Apexo elevators. Our dental elevators are German forged to make them efficient, reliable, and long-lasting. We also offer many other dental surgical instruments and customize them according to the demands of our clients.


What Is the Function of Apexo Elevators?

Apexo elevators function by removing the fractured root tips or oral fragments. They also loosen the teeth from the periodontal ligaments. It performs its role without hurting the surrounding tissues or teeth.

Are Apexo Elevators Autoclavable?

Yes, Apexo elevators are autoclavable as they are German forged. So, surgeons can use them many times after proper sterilization.