Exercise In Periods: What To Stay Mindful Of !

According To-Exercise In Periods: What To Stay Mindful Of , The period period can be physically and mentally draining due to all the hormonal changes that take place in the body. These changes manifest in mood swings and varied emotions. Exercise during periods thus takes a back seat.

Exercise In Periods

The most convenient way to avoid physical exertion during these days is to exercise. Additionally, there are myths associated with exercising during periods. They make exercise during a period a taboo for most women. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that one should avoid exercise during a period.

During periods, medical science recommends moderate to low intensity exercise, so one shouldn’t avoid workouts during that time. It is also important to engage in exercises that relieve cramps during that time.

Maintain a healthy level of fatigue

Exercise in periods strengthens muscles and keeps you energetic, thus increasing work productivity and reducing exhaustion.

Research suggests that women burn more calories when they exercise during their periods versus other days. The simple rule is to know the exercises to do during your period and engage in moderate exercise during your period.

Choosing the Best Exercise for Each Period

These exercises will help you remain healthy and pepped up during periods. The ultimate decision, however, will depend on your flow and comfort.

The act of walking

During periods that one can engage in, walking is one of the easiest exercises that one can engage in. Walking has been deemed a panacea by some experts due to its beneficial effects on the human body and effectiveness in warding off various illnesses. Walking 30 minutes per day has been shown to improve overall health.

Taking walks as part of your periods is easy. It does not require any equipment, preparation, or a partner. Just put on your joggers and walk as much as you can.

The second is light aerobics

It is also recommended to stretch, such as doing forward and backward bends during periods. The workout during periods may be shortened or punctuated with longer and more frequent breaks. Also Read-Exercise In Periods: What To Stay Mindful Of

The third is yoga

Yoga strengthens muscles and joints, boosts energy, improves blood circulation, boosts digestion, and decreases cramps, depending on the type of asanas one performs.

The art of dancing

Zumba is a great way to burn calories while being pepped up. Medical evidence suggests that it can reduce the pain and severity of menstruation.

The importance of strength training

As part of your exercise during periods, you can do press-ups and squats, which are low-intensity and effective muscle strengthening exercises.

Exercise Tips for Periods

When exercising during periods, you should keep the following points in mind:

1. Do not engage in strenuous exercises during periods. Lifting heavy weights without support is strictly prohibited.

Secondly, avoid prolonged workouts. If one intends to follow their normal daily pattern of exercising in periods, it is advised to exercise caution and restraint.

As you exercise, adjust the intensity to suit your needs. Just remember to stop at appropriate times. As soon as you feel the workout is becoming too demanding, just withdraw, sit back, and relax.

Keep hygiene at the top of your priority when exercising during periods. This includes taking a quick shower, changing innerwear, and changing the sanitary pad.

Water is one of the best ways to ease period pain. It is also important to drink plenty of water after a workout during your period.

A natural way to lessen such pain is to apply ice or use a heating pad after exercise during periods. 6. OTC Pain Relievers: In case there is back pain or cramping, one may use over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers.

In conclusion

It is prudent to consider the intensity of exercise during periods when choosing any of the exercises mentioned in the list of exercises during periods. Do remember that exercise during periods is an antidote to menstrual problems. Unless you are specifically forbidden to exercise by a health expert due to an underlying medical condition, you should not exercise.Exercise In Periods: What To Stay Mindful Of