Festival Shield Gpo {Dec 2021} Find What New It Brings!

What’s GPO or Grand Piece Online?

The internet game Grand Piece Online is dependant on the most popular animated series One Piece. The sport costs roughly 200 Robux, however that hasn’t stopped it from attracting over 30,000 active players and also over 120 million visits.

Players of GPO can uncover many undiscovered islands all over the ocean. They may also search for gold and weird fruits which are stated to empower individuals players who consume them or undertake formidable bosses and form & disband crews.

Let’s find out about the game play of Grand Piece online before being familiar with the Festival Shield Gpo.

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Concerning the Game play of Grand Piece Online

Grand Quest Games franchise’s ROBLOX game Grand Piece On the internet is a common naval adventure game. Players have to go to numerous islands to do the sport. Ships and compass gadgets are utilized to have them there. Players’ compass gadgets always direct towards the island they’re searching for. There are many levels and missions on every island. Such quests, that are provided by friendly NPCs, reward players with xp that are denoted by XPs hanging around. XPs are available in very handy when combating enemies.

Let’s discuss the new Christmas update that has Festival Shield before learning more about Festival Shield Gpo.

What’s the New GPO Christmas update?

Grand Piece Online has released a brand new update on 25th December 2021. The 2021 Christmas update patch features a lot of something totally new hanging around which includes a new Winter Wonderland and also the Cave Islands.

There are several new bosses to battle with, and users may also get some interesting new gifts. You will find around four new bosses and a large number of small-bosses for example Stationery Box, Kelvin the Nutcracker and much more. Also, there’s two new islands and most twelve new products, together with a Gingerbread Gift Box, Gift of Fruit and much more.

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What’s Festival Shield Gpo?

The Festival Shield is really a shield that’s dispatched within the new Christmas update of Grand Piece Online. The Festival Shield is among the many new products within the Christmas patch. Another products are:

  • Festival lancer
  • Peppermint buttons dress
  • Regular Christmas outfit
  • Santa’s outfit
  • Peppermint buttons outfit
  • Bell armour
  • Elf’s outfit
  • Santa’s beard
  • Tall elf hat
  • Reindeer horns
  • Rudolph’s hat
  • Peppermint scarf


The brand new Festival Shield in the new Christmas update has various abilities, although not expensive is been aware of the products of GPO because it is very new. Visit what is the news Website to find out more.

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