FFXIV Error 2002: Cannot connect to Lobby Server

Final Fantasy XIV is an extremely popular Mmog produced by Square Enix. The sport has was the ages and it has among the largest player bases today. With recent DLC expansions, the sport has retained older players and it is attracting newer ones. It’s reliable advice the 14th entry within the Final Fantasy franchise continues to be massively effective.

Today, we’ll be searching into a mistake that’s generally faced through the everyone in the game. More particularly, players are facing the ‘Error 2002’ which reads the following:

This annoying error prevents players from joining the sport lobby leaving them not able to experience. The reason for the mistake may be the game being not able to connect with the sport servers. The reason why: firewalls, anti-virus, Internet settings, server maintenance, etc.

How you can Fix FFXIV ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Lobby Server Connection Error 2002

For solving the mistake 2002, we’ve compiled below the best fixes according to player feedback:

  • Let FFXIV Bypass Firewall
  • PC Firewall Settings
  • Router Firewall Settings
  • Let FFXIV Bypass Anti-Virus Security
  • Uninstall WTFast
  • Enable DMZ (For Console)
  • Before relocating to the above mentioned fixes, make certain to
  • Restart your online router
  • Connect using Ethernet cable
  • Yes, in some instances, the answer is simply by that. Now let’s proceed to our detailed stuff.

1) Let FFXIV Bypass Firewall

The Mistake 2002 is really a server connection error. It would mean that the game’s connection request might be being blocked with a firewall. The firewall may either function as the Home windows firewall or even the router firewall. Getting the sport bypass these firewalls might help resolve the problem. We’ve provided the steps to alter the firewall settings for Final Fantasy XIV on laptop computer and also the router below.

I. PC Firewall Settings

Step One: Open looking bar while using Home windows S shortcut. Key in “Firewall” and check for Home windows Defender Firewall. Click to spread out it.

Step Two: Within the left menu, choose the Allow an application or feature through Home windows Defender Firewall option. See if Final Fantasy XIV is incorporated in the displayed listing of apps. Otherwise, follow the next phase.

Allow FFXIV through Home windows Defender Firewall

Step Three: Click on the Change Settings option. Then, choose the Allow another app… option. Browse towards the installation list of Final Fantasy XIV and add its primary executable file.

Step Four: Check both Public and private fields. Click Alright to save all settings.

FFXIV Error 2002 Fix: PC firewall settings

II. Router Firewall Settings

Step One: Access your router settings simply by entering the default gateway IP inside your internet browser address bar.

Note: Should you not be aware of default gateway address, open the Command Prompt and enter in the command “ipconfig /all”. Press Enter. You will see a summary of different settings and IP addresses. Be aware from the Default Gateway field.

Let FFXIV bypass firewall using router firewall settings

Step Two: Enter your router credentials (password). You’ll find these written in your router. You may also speak to your ISP if these records aren’t easily available.

Step Three: Search for the Firewall option within the settings menu. Switch off the ‘Firewall’ option and save changes.

Step Four: Restart your router or PC as needed.

2) Let FFXIV Bypass Anti-Virus Security

For those who have third-party anti-virus software installed, most likely it might be the main one accountable for the mistake. The anti-virus software can mistake game files for malicious files. Make certain that Final Fantasy XIV is permitted with the anti-virus security. You should check this by configuring your anti-virus security settings.

An alternate would be to uninstall the anti-virus completely. While not suggested, assistance solve the mistake 2002.

3) Uninstall WTFast

WTFast is third-party software that accounts for improving the online experience. Within the situation of FFXIV, it might be the alternative and may worsen the knowledge.

Several players have reported fixing the mistake by uninstalling miracle traffic bot. If you work with miracle traffic bot and experiencing and enjoying the Error 2002 simultaneously, try uninstalling it. Hopefully, this can fix the problem because it has for a lot of others.

4) Enable DMZ (For Console)

DMZ can be used for giving full internet access to some device. It’s also accustomed to establish connections that won’t be possible normally. Although a little unsafe, console players might have their Error 2002 issue resolved while using DMZ settings. Stick to the steps below to allow DMZ for the console:

Step One: Assign a static Ip for your console.

Note: For additional regarding how to assign a static Ip: PS4 & Xbox One.

Step Two: Open your router settings simply by entering the default gateway address within the browser address bar. Sign in the router.

Step Three: Locate the DMZ option within the settings menu and let it. Within the host address field, go into the static Ip you allotted to your console. Save the alterations and restart your router.

Do observe that the ultimate Fantasy XIV servers undergo maintenance regularly. So, the issue might not be via the player’s finish. You are able to follow Square Enix on their own social networking to obtain updates regarding server maintenance. It is almost always smart to wait a couple of days before the game servers are back again.