Five Ways a General Practice Can Improve the Healthcare of Your Family !

With so many family practices available today, it can be hard to determine which one is right for your family. Although Holland Park General Practice physicians are responsible for taking care of your overall health, they also need to focus on specific needs your family may have to provide the best possible healthcare solution for you and your loved ones. Here are five ways that a Holland Park General Practice can improve your family’s healthcare and help keep you and your loved ones in tip-top shape.


According to Harvard Medical School, 40% of people suffer from heart disease, cancer or other chronic conditions. The best way to maintain good health is through preventative medicine. According to experts, general practitioners are trained in preventive care and will track risk factors (such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels and smoking habits) for disease and work with you to set goals for better health. Your GP also regularly monitors your overall health while following up on any changes that could indicate an underlying problem; if caught early enough, many illnesses can be treated more effectively than if they’re left untreated for years before diagnosis.

Quality Service

Holland Park General Practice, unlike specialists, must maintain skills across all areas of medicine, meaning they are more knowledgeable about disease prevention and overall better qualified to treat their patients. Because they care for more patients, they can spend more time with each patient at their appointment rather than needing to rush through appointments. They tend to develop stronger relationships with patients because they see them regularly and thus can detect subtle changes in their health earlier on. Since many general practices have longer hours than specialists, there is less stress on parents working or having young children at home during traditional business hours.

Patient Centricity

Patient-centricity isn’t just about designing policies or procedures around patient needs. The concept means thinking through every aspect of service delivery—from how you schedule an appointment to how you file an insurance claim—with patients in mind. Focusing on patient-centricity is one-way general practices are improving the overall value they provide for their patients. You don’t have to do everything perfectly; looking at your practices with fresh eyes will reveal easy opportunities to make big improvements!


A great general practice will be open when you need it, in a location that is easy to get to and have doctors who are ready to see you when you arrive. Although many larger clinics have 24-hour call systems, it’s generally best if you can see someone during business hours. Unless there is an emergency or something unexpected arises with one of your children, try to plan and schedule appointments for minor illnesses or ailments during regular business hours. Some very rare circumstances require urgent care at night or on weekends, but in most cases, patients should be able to see their GP within a day or two for non-emergency care.

Value for Money

With more than 1000 general practices in Australia, it is easier to find one close to home than ever before. Do not be afraid to ask any practice how they plan on providing you with high-quality care at an affordable price. If they are unwilling or unable to explain their value proposition, do not hesitate to seek another provider.