Gen Z is surprisingly nostalgic for BlackBerry phones

If you want to commemorate historic dates, I’ve choice for you: The month of january 4, 2022. That, my buddies, may be the day Blackberry finally died.

The autumn was lengthy for the organization. For some time, BlackBerry was… well, I do not learn about awesome, however it was popular. In addition to that, it defined a unique moment within our collective memory.

It had been the beginning of the mobile age, a period when getting a complete keyboard on the call felt revolutionary.

But great things must finish. Traditional BlackBerry devices (individuals manufactured prior to the change to Android) stopped to operate on The month of january 4. They can’t connect to the Internet, call people or send messages.

A period has ended. The issue I’ve, however, is that this: what era?

old abandoned blackberry phone


I’m a millennial (ugh), and that i completely missed the entire BlackBerry factor. Yeah, my father had one, however i don’t remember anybody within my age groups one. Basically would write a memorial message, it would need to be achieved remotely – I simply do not have the bond towards the devices.

Then a concept found me: why can’t I discover what Gen Z thinks about BlackBerry phones? Basically think handsets are weird, they have to locate them disturbing.

Even though I’m generally concered about generations like a concept, time is irrefutable. Generation Z increased up and it was formed with a different world. And so they really appear to become old tech like wired earphones – asking about BlackBerry phones is really a natural extension of this.

Exactly what does Generation Z consider BlackBerry phones?

Surprisingly, nostalgia was the dominant emotion I felt from Gen Z people I spoken with.

“They’re vintage,” Cara Curtis, a 24-year-old copywriter, explained. She developed these feelings of nostalgia by stating that BlackBerry devices advised her of, and that i quote, “the scene in Gossip Girl when Serena throws her phone within the trash because she received a text that made her sad lol.

gossip girl serena phone toss

Helpfully, Cara provided this picture by having an arrow pointing towards the phone. With no, it isn’t a BlackBerry.

Emily Fall, an 18-year-old studying law in the College of Warwick, feels exactly the same way.

She loved [her BlackBerry] so much” – despite the fact that she thinks they’re dated now. “If I’d this phone [nowadays], it might be a great deal harder to connect with people,” she stated, talking about social networking and other alike apps on the way.

This connection element is one thing that emerged several occasions within my conversation. Aoife McCabe – TNW’s 25-year-old social networking manager – explained she sees BlackBerry phones as “the fad [accessories]” on shows like checking up on the Kardashians, however it was BBM that got her hooked.

BlackBerry Messenger (referred to as BBM) would be a proprietary im application that permitted users to talk with one another. “People how old irrrve become would always choose a BlackBerry” over an apple iphone because BBM was free and earned them credit, Aoife stated.

It’s an identical feeling Lili Shi, a 24-year-old production assistant, had about phones. Shi stated that BBM “was everything” and desires he could still update his status.

It was not lengthy prior to the nostalgia came back. Shi remembered the way the phones advised him of faculty years 8-11 (which roughly spans ages 12-16, for those non-United kingdom readers).

old blackberry phone

The recollections, the horrible recollections.

Aside from the discomfort of bygone days, there are more aspects of BlackBerry phones that was from Generation Z.

Arjun Shergill, an 18-year-old student studying aerospace engineering, stated “the aircraft brick-busting game is goaty.” That’s slang for in the past excellent, incidentally.

The ruggedness from the phone has additionally been recognized, with Rudy M – a 19-year-old psychology student in Cardiff – saying a BlackBerry was “good for a weapon” or, indeed, like a substitute for any brick in almost any exactly what a build. product.

Really, I had been surprised at the love Gen Z had for BlackBerry. In my experience, it had been a stuffy device used solely by costumes, however these conversations managed to get obvious that handsets hold a unique devote the hearts of numerous youthful people.

Regardless of this enthusiasm, the BlackBerry is today, within the words of Cardiff student Johnathon Joyner, a “relic of your time and space”.