Getting A Plastic Surgery In 2022? What Are Your Options!

If you’re considering getting plastic surgery this year, you might wonder what the most common treatments are. With modern advancements in the medical world, many amazing treatments are offered under plastic surgeries. These treatments are not anymore limited to just plain facial surgeries; there’s much more to it. There is so much to look for, from gender affirmation surgeries to hand surgery and face aesthetics, while visiting an expert plastic surgeon. If you are looking to get one such plastic surgery done, then here’s a breakdown of some of the best options you can get now:

Gender Affirmation Surgeries

Gender affirmation surgery is an important treatment that can determine how you look your entire life. It is now possible to get gender affirmation from female-to-male and get masculinized chests with plastic surgeries. Stratus Plastic Surgery has a good reputation in the market to offer the best gender affirmation surgeries.

The big attraction of this surgery is that they can just apply your target skin over the specific part of your body to give you the desired results. This type of surgery also has minimal downtime and usually takes 3-5 hours to complete.

Hand Surgery

Hand surgeries are very important as they help you get the perfect and beautiful hands you wish to have. In addition, these hand surgeries can help reduce the lines, wrinkles, skin abrasions, and other such flaws in your skin. There are two common types of hand surgery that effectively eliminate all these flaws and make your hands look youthful again.

The first one is known as micro-needling, which involves a roller with several needles to be rolled on your hand and moisturizing lotion. This procedure helps increase collagen production, so it will help make your hands look younger, plumper, and smoother.

Breast Lift and Reduction

Breast surgeries are another option available for those who wish to have a change. Breast surgeries can be of three types: breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction. Women who are not happy with the size of their breasts can opt for Breast Reduction surgery, which is the process where you get a reduction in the size of your breasts.

This is done by cutting a portion from the outside and inside your breasts. Women who have very large-sized breasts that have issues with backaches, neck pains, and other similar problems can choose to undergo Breast Lift surgery.

Tummy Tuck Surgeries

Another most popular option for breast surgeries is Tummy Tuck. This surgery deals with the skin around your tummy and is done to surgically remove the excess skin in tummy areas. This procedure usually uses an anchor incision, starting from your belly button to just above your pubic area. The surgeon will then suck out the fat and excess skin using a vacuum tool to get a flat tummy.

Many procedures can be done to improve your appearance, and it is a great thing for the younger generation. This is certainly a good time to look into what you want with the help of expert plastic surgeons.