Gokarna Beach Trek


Gokarna is a small aesthetic town set on the west coast of Karnataka. It has been recently brought to limelight due to its exciting and breathtaking beaches and beach treks. Gokarna offers a unique beach trek trail which explores multiple hushed beach cliffs, boulders and jungles. These types of beach treks are rare in the West Coast of India which makes Gokarna special.

How to Get There

Gokarna is situated on the west coast of India providing clean beaches and blue waters. It is 135 kms from Goa which is a neighboring state along the coastline. It is 487 kms away from Bengaluru. You either take the train or plan a roadtrip to the beach. Similarly from Mysore, it is 482 kms. Whereas Udupi and Mangalore are 178 and 231kms away respectively. The nearest railway station from Gokarna is Ankola(20kms) to which all the main cities of India are connected. The closest airport would be in Dabolim, Goa at 140 kms.

The Trek

The beach trek stretches for 10 kms covering multiple beaches along the way like Kudle beach, Om, Belekan, Half Moon, Paradise and Gokarna. The trek normally starts from Kudle or Om Beach and the ferries leaving for Paradise beach from these places are limited. Also the cost per head on the ferry is extravagant. Exploring and traveling through all the beaches via hiking is a viable option. 

The Kudle Beach and Om beach are an ideal spot for a Dubki and have some amazing seafood restaurants on the beach. You can spend your whole day here playing, going on a walk, exploring the jungle near the Om Beach etc. the only downfall of opting for this route is that the schedule and frequency of the ferries to Paradise beach is tight. So the fun you will have at these beaches will be time bound. If you are looking forward to setting up a camp on Paradise beach, catch a ferry and if it’s meant to be, you will see dolphins enroute. 

If you are opting to travel from Paradise Beach, you have ample time to explore, trek through the region, play in the water, have lunch on the half moon beach admiring the sea and sound of the waves and be back on the Kudle or Gokarna beach as the sun sets. If you are planning on staying at Gokarna, try to reach the main beach by sunset as trekking through forest after sunset would be risky. 

Things to Carry

  • Water Bottles
  • Sun screen
  • Cap
  • Towels
  • Extra pair of clothes for swimming in the sea
  • Snacks
  • Sandals 

The Half Moon beach, Small Hell beach and the Paradise beach are fairly secluded and are perfect for solitude or isolation. Since these beaches experience low tourist traffic as there are no accommodations or restaurants nearby. It is just you, the waves, the tall palm trees and the rocky mountains behind you. Most of them have cliffs where you can sit and enjoy the view from top.  As you reach the Kudle and Gokarna beach after a long day of adventure and exploration, there are resorts and campgrounds which provide tents and camping on the beach. 

Assuming you are planning to stay at Kudle beach, Raj Guest house is quite popular in terms of camping and offering a relaxing cozy nook at the beach. This is a camp farm with open wide farms on one end and endless Arabian Sea at another. The facilities include tents, rooms, kitchen, beach bonfire etc. This is the best place to relieve all the exhaustion of traveling and trekking. The rooms are basic and the theme is beach where most of the spaces are built by dried palm leaves, wood and bricks. 

Gokarna Adventure Campground

 On the contrary if you are staying near Gokarna Main Beach, Gokarna Adventure campground is the place to go! People often look forward to stargazing on the beach after a sublime sunset. This campground is right at the beach providing standard tents, kitchen and a kickass night around a beach bonfire. They also have a dance floor and open barbecue for their guests. 

Campcee Gokarna

Adding to the list of campgrounds in Gokarna, Campcee Gokarna is the definition of LIT! This place is jumping with loud hip music and neon lights. The place screams party and fun. They provide tents as well as cottage stays. They also provide live music shows, karaoke nights and bonfires by the beach. It is a paradise with a chill vibe, laid back beach views and a starry night. 

Earthly Stays Gokarna

On the other extreme, Belekan beach remains optional when it comes to Gokarna Beach trek. However, you can start your trek from Belekan to Paradise and so on. The campground near Belekan named Earthly Stays Gokarna provides their guests with a quiet, peaceful, serene atmosphere where they can either choose to stay in tents or in deluxe rooms. The place is mostly secluded and calm for most of the time. 

To conclude, the best time to go for Gokarna beach trek is from Oct-Feb/Mar. The trek trails are quite easy which any healthy person can hike. So don’t wait for the universe’s sign and just Go Gokarna!