Gooniez NFT {2022} Find Market Statistics, Buying Guide!

About Gooniez Gang NFTs

Gooniez Gang NFT collection includes a assortment of high-definition digital arts by means of NFTs. This popular NFT collection includes 8,888 Gooniez. Each Gooniez includes a different value and it is unique all others.

The customer can buy the Gooniez token and go in to the metaverse. For instance, the NFT can be used inside a metaverse-based vehicle racing game. Our prime-finish gaming interface is developed with the aid of advanced Web 3.. The buyers may also trade the NFT for any greater cost.

Gooniez NFT

The NFT offers gamers by having an chance to create in-game crypto tokens.

The tokens rewarded towards the gamers can upgrade the player’s gaming skill and increase the gaming features to succeed to another gaming level.

Who owns the NFT will get the initial Gooniez in FBX and OBJ files. These official files prove the home legal rights for that purchased NFT character.

The internet gamers are rewarded in $GANG tokens for that player’s contribution towards the gaming platform.

Market Capital

The present floor cost: .07 ETH

Final amount of Gooniez NFT proprietors: 36

  • Total Supply: 5,100
  • Volume: 2.45
  • Market Cap: 519.71
  • Total Sales: 24
  • Volume (24 h): .59
  • Founders and Team

Information connected using the founders isn’t located on the official social networking platforms.

Buying Gooniez Collection?

  • Go to the OpenSea website. OpenSea is a well-liked NFT marketplace.
  • On line on OpenSea.
  • Connect your bank account with OpenSea.
  • Add enough ETH tokens for your wallet.
  • Choose the needed NFT in the Gooniez Gang collection.

Spend the money for cost from the selected NFT in ETH. Minimal ETH must be compensated because the gas charges. Find out about the Gooniez NFT.

After finishing the procedure effectively, the user’s wallet will get credited.


Q1: What’s the Ethereum Smart contract Address for Gooniez Gang NFT?

A2: Ethereum Smart contract Address for Gooniez Gang NFT is 0xd3d22f79b1df2b38b194ddbee6925f492b12a9ec.

Q2: Just when was the state mint date of Gooniez Gang NFT?

A2: The state mint date of Gooniez Gang NFT was on sixth Feb 2022.


The NFTs connected with crypto gaming projects while using web 3. are an amazing combination that can help gamers earn tokens as rewards. To understand much more about this subject, kindly have a look here.