How Do I Fix Firewall Error In QuickBooks?

Enabling the firewall has its own perks of protecting the company data from viruses and malware. However, there are cases when your QuickBooks faces the Firewall Error.

The firewall error in QuickBooks generally pop-ups, when users try to access the company file and the firewall prevents QuickBooks from establishing a connection with the company file.

The system displays “Unable to Communicate with Company-File”. If you’ve encountered the same issue then be with us.

Today, we’ll discuss the top methods that are reliable and efficient to fix the QB firewall Error. However, before that have a quick look at the reasons causing the QB Firewall error to emerge.

What Causes the Firewall Error In QuickBooks?

The major reason that causes the firewall error in QuickBooks is an Incorrect firewall configuration. As it can trouble the established connection between QuickBooks and your system.

However, there are multiple other reasons causing the QuickBooks Firewall Error to emerge and they are:

An Outdated Version Of QuickBooks – If you’re still on an outdated QB version then you’re not only missing some additional features and bug fixes but you put the QuickBooks at high risk.

As the Windows Firewall might misidentify an outdated QuickBooks as a threat, the QB firewall error emerges.

Typical Company File Errors – In case, your company file has some issues it may trigger communication malfunctions with the QuickBooks Desktop, resulting in the firewall error.

QB Database Server-Manager is not active – The QBDSM allows users to verify and establish a connection with the company file.

Denied Permission For Company File Share Folder – In case the company file folder has only the read-only permission, it can cause the QB firewall error.

Misconfigured DNS Setting – If your DNS settings are not properly configured, it is most likely to allow the QB Firewall error to appear.

4 Simple Methods To Fix The QB Firewall Error

After examining the reasons that lead to QuickBooks Firewall Error in your system, you can apply the solutions mentioned below accordingly.

However, if you’re still stuck in identifying the exact reason behind this error, it is best that you go through all the methods sequentially.

Method 1: Grant Permissions For Windows Folder Access

The very first method to solve the QB firewall error is to allow the permissions for Windows folder access. Follow these:

  • Firstly, locate/select the windows folder in which the company files are saved.
  • Thereafter, right-tap on the selected folder.
  • Next, select “Properties” and then a new tab will appear on the screen.
  • Afterwards, hit “Security” then “Edit”.
  • Now, Ensure if the “QBDataServicesUserXXX” is ticked having the “Full Access”.
  • Next, tap “Allow”.
  • Finally, hit “Apply” and finish the steps by pressing “Ok”.

Method 2: Ensure If The QBDMgrN.exe Process Is Active

As an inactive QuickBooks Data Server Manager is one of the vital factors for the QuickBooks Firewall Error emergence, verifying the QBDMgrN.exe process helps fix the QB Firewall error. To ensure the QBDMgrN.exe process, follow:

  • Firstly, hold together the “Ctrl+Alt+Del” keys.
  • Thereafter, select “Task-Manager”.
  • Now, locate “Processes”.
  • Look for “QBDMgrN.exe”.

Note: in case, there is no such process running in the process tab of the Task Manager, you must provide the admin rights to QBDataServiceUser. Follow these:

  • At first, exit from “QuickBooks”.
  • Hold “Windows+R” together.
  • Thereafter, input “Control Panel”.
  • Next, hit “Enter”.
  • Now, the control panel will be launched and you are required to locate “User Accounts”.
  • Select “User Accounts”.
  • Afterwards, tap on “Manage Another-Account”
  • Now, double-tap on “QBDataServiceUser”.
  • Thereafter, hit the option “Change Account-Type” and tap “Administrator”.
  • Finally, save changes and exit the Control Panel.

Now, check if the QuickBooks Error of the Firewall still remains. When so, perform the remaining methods.

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Method 3: Configuring Exceptions In Windows Firewall Ports For QB

Creating exceptions for QuickBooks in the Windows Firewall Ports enables the Firewall to not misidentify the QuickBooks as a threat to the system.

The steps to configure the exceptions in Firewall are:

  • Visit “Control Panel”.
  • Locate/Run “Windows Firewall”.
  • Thereafter, navigate to “Advanced Settings”.
  • Right-tap on “Inbound Rules”.
  • Then, tap “Port” followed by “Next”.
  • Now, choose “TCP” for the rule when prompted.
  • Afterwards, you must input the “Port” corresponding to your QB Desktop Version.

Note: In order to locate the exact port of your QB Desktop version, you can utilize the QuickBooks Database-Server Manager.

  • After providing your QB Desktop port, hit “Next”.
  • Select “Allow the Connection”.
  • Thereafter, tap “Next” while ensuring to checkmark all the profiles.
  • Hit “Next” again and give a fresh name to the newly created rule.
  • Afterwards, tap “Finish”.
  • Finally, repeat the process after opting for “Outbound Rules” via “Advanced Settings”.

Hopefully, the Windows Firewall disabled exceptions not defined issue will be fixed by now. However, if this issue continues, then you are likely experiencing a Firewall issue for the QB Desktop Program. Carry the instructions provided in our final method.

Method 4: Allow QB Desktop Program To Be Accessed Through Firewall

In order to completely permit access to QuickBooks Desktop Program, there are some components that must be added in Windows Firewall Exception.

Carry the below-listed steps to permit access to major QB components through Firewall.

  • Visit “Advanced Settings” of Windows Firewall.
  • Choose “Inbound Rules”.
  • Thereafter, click “Programs”.
  • Then, hit “Next”.
  • Click “This Program-Path”.
  • Afterwards, tick all the QB-component files and hit “Next”.
  • Finally, follow instructions mentioned in our above method after “Allow the Connection”.

Wrapping Up

We hope this post will assist you in solving the QuickBooks Firewall Error permanently. The content of this post is very well conducted by our research team. Moreover, the above-mentioned methods are tested and validated by experts.