How is erectile dysfunction treated?

  • Erectile dysfunction is the incompetence to get an erection. It also means that you are not pleased with the duration of erection and stiffness. ED is caused due to physical and psychological reasons. The real issue is a stream of blood in the penis. You must also interact about the side effects and any drug interactions. Tell the doctor about your problems and he will prescribe you Cenforce 100 for ED. Oral prescription medicine- These medicines are ingested as per the doctor’s advice. You must state to the doctor if you are taking vitamins, prescription medicines Tadalafil Vidalista 20, supplements, and herbs. These medicines may cause drug interactions. Also, you are required to avoid medicines if you have a cardiac issue, stomach ulcer, bleeding, and stroke.
  • Prescription medicine injected- The medicine Like Fildena 100 that is injected into the urethra or penis is also available. 

There are many causes of ED

  • Premature ejaculation- Inability for erection for the pleasure between two partners.
  • Performance anxiety- It is the result of stress.
  • Organic impotence- It incorporates veins or arteries in the penis in elder males. The hardening of arteries, injury, or penis leak can result in ED.
  • Depression- It affects the ability to get an erection. 
  • Diabetes- The males with diabetes result in hardening of arteries. The nerve-related disorder can be seen in individuals with diabetes.
  • Nervous system- There are various nervous systems like stroke, multiple sclerosis, and nerve injuries that result in ED. The damage to nerves can lead to loss of erectile function.
  • Impotence caused due to medicine- anti-anxiety, blood pressure, antidepressant, cancer chemotherapy, and glaucoma eye drops may result in erectile dysfunction. 
  • Importance due to hormones- The abnormalities in hormone-like prolactin, thyroid, and testosterone can lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Low testosterone- The low quantity of testosterone results in ED.
  • Lifestyle modifications- if you will not exercise on daily basis then you will suffer from ED.

ED is a sign that is connected with various health issues like type 2 diabetes, prostate issues, high blood pressure, cardiac disorder, heart failure, high cholesterol, low quantity of HDL, the curvature of the penis, use of alcohol, relationship issues, and stress. If you have ED signs then interact with the doctor. He will suggest consuming Cenforce 100. 

How ED is diagnosed?

The sex history and health must be reviewed.  It helps the doctor to state the differences between ejaculation, erection, orgasm, and sexual desire. You can also undergo a physical examination of the penis. Also, secondary features like hormone issues can be analyzed. The doctor will also examine the abnormal features of the penis.

There are many lab tests for detecting erectile dysfunction. These are urine tests, blood counts, cholesterol tests, and liver enzymes. When you have a low desire for sex then the specialist will ask to check the level of testosterone. Also, penile ultrasounds measure a stream of blood. The psychosocial examination is also done to monitor erectile function. If after all these tests, the doctor diagnoses erectile dysfunction then he will ask you to take Fildena 100.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

Treatment depends on the cause of the issue. Certain therapy incorporates:

  • Lifestyle changes- You must reduce the use of alcohol, and tobacco intake and lose weight. Also, physical activity should be enhanced.
  • Review of medicines- You must decrease the consumption of medicines that can affect your erectile function. 
  • Psychotherapy- It results in a reduction of anxiety, stress, and tension. The counseling will help to overcome stress. 
  • Testosterone therapy- It improves mood, energy, and sex interest in old males. It is not recommended for males with a normal level of testosterone. 
  • Vacuum devices- It also causes the erection by vacuum for drawing blood into the penis. The elastic ring is placed on the penis base for keeping the flow of the blood at the time of sex.
  • Penile implants- It is the surgical treatment for treating erectile dysfunction. The devices like inflatable implants and rod implants are also used as penile implants. The inflatable implants are placed into the scrotum and chambers. The pump encourages the movement of saline solution in the cylinder for causing the erection. Two semi-rigid rods are put in chambers. 

How to live with erectile dysfunction?

ED causes strain and causes disturbances in relationships. The males are not able to make sex relations as they get embarrassed. In this way, the partner feels inadequate. You can talk about erectile dysfunction with your partner. The couples can get therapy for ED. The erectile function loss can influence folks. ED can be treated effectively. 

If you will continue to feel embarrassed then males don’t get the required treatment. The diagnosis and therapy get delayed. ED is associated with health conditions like diabetes, liver, heart disease, and other health issues. You can interact with the doctor if you have ED issues. The doctor can start with a low dose of Vidalista 20. 

Main points for erectile dysfunction

  • Impotence is when you are not able to do the erection. Also, you are dissatisfied with the size and hardness. You are also worried about the duration of the erection.
  • There are many reasons of ED initially from bodily to mental health issues. The lifestyle choices and prescription medicines are all related to ED.
  • Psychological and physical examination is the main part of the diagnosis. The urine and blood tests must be performed. 
  • The ED treatment addresses the cause of the disorder from penile implants to lifestyle modifications and medicines like Super P Force. 
  • ED can disrupt the relationship between couples. The partner can also help to treat ED. 

You must be aware that why you are visiting the consultant. You should write the questions and ask the doctor. Discuss with the specialist the medicines, tests, and disorders.