How Much Money Has Daniel Craig Made Playing James Bond?

It has been fifteen years since Difficulties first donned the tuxedo and martini glass as 007. His first Bond film was 2006’s “Casino Royale.” He’s gone onbto take part in the role four additional occasions, such as the latest “Virtually No Time to Die,” which is his last entry and premieres Friday.

Through the years, in interviews as well as in speculative media articles, Craig frequently appeared to become completely fed up with playing the part. But simply as he thought he was out, producers would pull him in. With money. Buckets of cash.

Which is sensible. Difficulties continues to be an very effective 007 in the box office.

Excluding “Virtually No Time to Die,” Daniel’s run as Bond has produced just a little over $3 billion in ticket sales alone. It’s earned a minimum of several billion more from product placement, licensing and syndication deals.

Therefore it made sense the film’s producers would still throw piles of cash at Daniel in which to stay the image as many movies as you possibly can.

But how much cash?

John Ach/Getty Images

How much cash has Difficulties made playing 007?

Let us start at the very top. For his first outing as Bond, 2006’s “Casino Royale,” Difficulties earned a decent although not exactly A-list earnings of $3.two million.

For that 2008 follow-up “Quantum of Solace,” he was compensated in $7.two million.

This is a measly $10.4 million for that first couple of Bond films. Individuals two films grossed a combined $2 billion.

With a few confidence and powerful results backing him up, Daniel was ready for any pay raise for 2012’s “Skyfall.” For his third Bond installment, Craig earned a $17 million base salary. Also, he negotiated internet points around the backend which led to $3 million price of bonuses for any total pay day of $20 million.

For 2015’s “Spectre,” Craig’s base salary was boosted again, this time around he earned $25 million from the gate. Then he earned $5 million in bonuses for as many as $$ 30 million.

Daniel once more was compensated $25 million like a base salary for “Virtually No Time to Die.” So at this era, before any final bonus continues to be earned, Daniel’s total 007 earnings come to…

$85.4 million

Let us say he negotiated 5% of gross earnings around the final movie. If “Virtually No Time to Die” earns $1 billion in the global box office, Daniel would earn a $50 million bonus. And perhaps that’s half right because possibly he really negotiated a lesser share of gross earnings or perhaps a greater number of Internet earnings (Also known as, profits). Let us round it to some $25 million conservative bonus estimate. That will bring his total earnings in the Bond franchise to…

$110 million

Not very shabby for five movies, and clearly a significant cause of Daniel Craig’s current $160 million internet worth.

How can Daniel’s earnings rival Pierce Brosnan’s?

Pierce Brosnan earned $4 million for 1995’s “Goldeneye.” Then he earned $8.two million for “Tomorrow Never Dies”, $12.4 million for “The Planet Isn’t Enough” and $16.5 million for “Die A Later Date.”

Add everything up and Pierce Brosnan’s Bond earnings arrived at $41.a million. But additionally bear in mind that Pierce’s earnings should most likely be adjusted for inflation to become apples to apples. After modifying for inflation, Pierce earned around $sixty five million for his four Bond films.

So Pierce earned typically $16.25 million after modifying for inflation, $10.25 million without modifying.

Daniel earned typically $17 million (across five movies) before any bonus around the final movie. If he is doing earn a $25 million bonus, his per-movie average is going to be $23 million.