How to Connect Printer to Multiple Computers? 3 Ways

Connecting printers to multiple computers is a question that always comes up for both office and home users. The printer is one of the most used computer appliances today. Almost all the devices, whether printers or scanners, are connected through a USB cable to the main computer. So, if you are interested to learn how to connect printers to multiple computers, you would need to understand how a printer connects to the main computer first. Then you can move on to the specifics of connecting printers to your laptops, desktop and other multi-device units.

When choosing your printer, you will also need to consider several factors like the number of colour drivers in the printer, maximum print size, and type of ink cartridges. Suppose you do not need all the features and capabilities of a printer. In that case, you can always choose a generic one readily available in most electronic stores or online at On the other hand, if you want the full package including printer, scanner, fax, modems, USB driver and so forth, then you have to go for the branded printer. You may get the best deal in the market if you go for an OEM branded printer rather than a generic one. It is always easier to deal with a known name when it comes to buying products and gadgets. The main reason why people prefer OEM products is that they are durable, efficient, have a longer life span, are of better quality, are compatible and have a long service life.

Before you decide to go out and purchase a printer, you need to check the basics of how it works and what types of functions it offers. It is easy to become confused by the number of ports present in most modern printers. Some of them have only six basic ports, whereas some of them have ten ports. While checking out the basic function of your printer, you should check out the number of colours supported and the types of ink cartridges available for it.

Connecting your printer to your computer is not at all difficult if you follow the instructions carefully. First of all, you need to install the drivers for your printer. The drivers will come along with the package itself. Secondly, you should install the software required for connecting your printer with the computer. Thirdly, you should turn on the printer and then use the print command to view the results.

If you are printing black and white pages, then use the monochrome option. The printing menu will appear, and you can select a colour. If you are printing colouring pages, then you need to adjust the settings accordingly. The printers usually have separate feeders for each colour mode. However, if you want to feed all colours to the same device, use the multi feeder feature.

How to connect the printer to multiple computers? 3 Way Guide.

  • There are various reasons due to which a printer is not working properly. For example, you may be using an older model without any guarantee. It would help if you replaced it with a recent model. Otherwise, it will stop printing, and you will not be able to save your work. Similarly, there could be a technical snag in the printer, causing the printer to print in poor quality.
  • Another possible problem is that the drivers for both devices may not be compatible. To know how to connect printers to multiple computers, you should check the printer driver’s website. Some websites offer downloadable drivers. However, you should ensure that the download is safe and not download any viruses or harmful programs.
  • The third option is to use a software program to fix the problem. However, it would help if you only used reputable software. You should also make sure that you are using the latest version of the software. It should be compatible with the operating system on your computer as well. You should test the program and see whether it can rectify the problem.