How to Fix Windows 10 Apps Not Opening Fix the Pre-Build Microsoft Store Apps

Windows 10 comes with some preloaded programs which are highly productive for businesses. They can also improve your general Windows 10 experience better.

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There are times when Microsoft store applications don’t work because of corrupted system files or simply because the shortcuts/icons aren’t correctly linked to the programs the applications. There will be issues too. Windows 10 apps won’t open.

This article will help you find ways to solve the issue in the event that Microsoft Store apps are not working on your Windows 10 PC.

Possible Reasons

  • A problem with files inside the Windows directory could be the reason behind this problem.
  • Many users have reported that certain Windows 10 apps don’t work like Microsoft Store, the Mail and Calendar app, Microsoft Store, and others. In this situation, there’s something that could be a problem with an app.
  • Windows 10 updates are essential to ensure maximum performance and user experience for all those using it. If you’ve not updated your system , you might encounter this issue.
  • Files that are corrupted are usually the primary reason behind this issue.

Solution Microsoft Store Apps Not Opening Problem

There are a variety of possible causes of this issue. You must determine the root cause of the problem. If you’re not sure you can try these methods in order Each one will help you fix the issue.

The methods listed below apply to Microsoft Store apps that have been pre-built, but not third-party software.

1. Make sure you are checking for Windows Updates

The first step is to look at updates in the process of being released or are already in the works. If there is, be sure you install them promptly. Here’s how to go about it:

1.Go into the Windows search bar and type ” Settings” and then press Enter.

2.Now click Update and Security.

3.You are able to click to look for the latest updates.

If you have new updates you wish to download, copy them on your computer. This should solve the problem. If not it is, then move on to the next step.

2. Start the Windows Application Troubleshooter

Before proceeding to the next step , the troubleshooter will assist you in identifying the issue that causes Windows 10 Apps to not perform as they should. Here’s how you can begin troubleshooting

1.Go on the Windows Search Bar and enter ” Settings” and press Enter.

2.Click for Update and Security.

3.From on the left side at the bottom of your page, choose “Troubleshoot”. Then you can click on ‘Additional Troubleshooting’.

4.Navigate until you get to the screen, then click on ‘ Windows Store Apps‘.

5.Finally select the Option to Troubleshooter Option.

The troubleshooter will look for any possible problems in the event that it finds some, you’ll then be required to test the method suggested. You can choose the recommended solution and it will fix the issue.

3. Reset An Application that isn’t functioning

If you have a specific application that isn’t working properly and you want to reset it, you must do that app. It is essential to be aware that any reset to the application will erase all the data that is stored within the application. Make sure that you backup your data. Here’s how to reset an application that’s not functioning with Windows 10.

1.Go on the Windows Search Bar Search for ” Settings” and hit Enter.

2.Click on the ‘Apps’. Applications‘.

3.Now it will appear on the” Features & Apps menu.

4.Navigate to the problem Windows 10 app.

In my case, I’ve selected Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store.

5.Click to open ‘ Advanced options‘.

6.Navigate lower and then select to select the Reset option.

This could solve the issue in the application you’re looking to install. If you have multiple Windows 10 apps giving you this issue, it’s possible to change the settings of the apps which are causing problems as well.

4. Reinstalling Windows 10 Apps

If the above method did not work, try restarting the entire set of Windows 10 apps. Before doing this make sure that you have closed all Windows 10 apps are closed.

Resetting the app will delete all information related to the apps however it will not erase personal folders or files.

Here’s how you can do it effortlessly by using PowerShell using administrator privileges:

1.Right-click onto the Windows icon (Start button) on the taskbar.

2.Select ‘ Windows PowerShell(admin)‘.

3.Open Windows PowerShell, use the following command, then press Enter.

Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers| Foreach

4.Let this command run it, this may take some time and you might also come across certain errors. You should not ignore these warnings.

When the command has been executed After the command has been successfully executed Windows 10 apps will be restored.

5.Exit from the PowerShell by typing the following command and pressing Enter to exit.

All you have to do is restart your computer and you’ll go.

5. Set up the ClipSVC Service

ClipSVC (also also known as Client License Service ) provides the infrastructure to Microsoft Store apps if this service isn’t operating. Windows Store apps won’t behave in a manner that’s appropriate. It’s a crucial service that must be running.

  1. Click on the Search box, then search for Services and begin the application.
  2. Locate ClipSVC (Client License Service) from the list of Windows services.
  3. Select the service and right-click, then navigate to properties.
  4. If the service isn’t available, click “Start”.
  5. Choose your Startup Type Automaticand click Applythen OK.

Once the service has begun it is possible that you require restarting your computer.