How to Optimize Your Step and Repeat Banners at Events!

In-person events are back! After almost two years of postponements, budget cuts, and virtual events – the event marketing industry came back strong in 2021. In a survey involving the world’s top event marketers, 82% of them said that they hosted in-person events in 2021. Hopefully, the event marketing industry will perform even better in 2022 and beyond.

However, over the pandemic, brands have realized the critical importance of event marketing. These events give brands of all sizes a perfect chance to promote their brands, products, and ideas. That’s why brand leaders do their best to create a VIP feel for the event attendees. How do they achieve this goal? By using custom-printed step and repeat banners.

Using Step and Repeat Banners at Marketing Events

Want to make the event attendees feel like celebrities? Make them stand in front of your custom-printed step-repeat banners. Take pictures of them with your branded banners as backdrops. The event attendees will feel special for having their photographs taken. Plus, each of their photos will feature your brand’s logo – it’s a win-win for both parties!

However, at large-scale events, multiple brands compete to create “selfie stations” for the attendees. They all use step-repeat banners as backdrops for the pictures the attendees take. To outdo your competitors, you’ll need to learn how to optimize your logo-laden step-repeat banners. Here’s how –

Buy Banners of Multiple Sizes

Typically step-repeat banners are eight feet wide and eight feet tall or eight feet wide and ten feet tall. These are the most popular sizes. However, brand leaders should own step-repeat banners of different sizes and use them across different events and tradeshows.

  • 3 Feet X 2 Feet:You can accommodate one or two people in front of these small banners. They’re ideal for small-scale indoor events.
  • 8 Feet X 8 Feet Banners:Banners of this size are used in most corporate or marketing events. You can accommodate four to six people in front of these banners. Despite their large sizes, these banners are still very easy to assemble or disassemble.
  • 12 Feet X 8 Feet Banners (or bigger): What’s the point of owning such huge banners? Well, at crowded PR events, award ceremonies, etc., your brand needs to be as visible as possible. So, having these large banners in your marketing arsenal is always helpful.

Partner Up with Other Brands to Create Your Banners

It’s very easy to create step-repeat banners with not one but two or even three sets of logos. If your brand has strategic partnerships with other businesses, print your partners’ logos on your banners as well.

Hire Professional Photographers

Pictures taken in front of logo-covered step-repeat banners look great, giving brands amazing exposure. However, the results are even better when professional photographers take the photos. Bear in mind that these photos will feature your brand’s logo. Make sure your brand’s name and logo are pictured perfectly by hiring professional photographers at events.

Maintain and Reuse

The best part about step-repeat banners is that they can be reused for several years. Just clean them regularly and store them properly when they’re not in use. Take these steps to optimize and make the most of your custom step-repeat banners.