How to recognize Internet addiction?

The twenty-first century is the age of the internet. It is hard to imagine life without it today. If the internet suddenly ceased to exist, major changes would be needed in the way society as a whole functions. The way of recruiting employees (which today is mainly done online), the way of reaching the client and searching for information would require changes… These are just some of the necessary changes. The internet makes life easier, but it also has a dark side to it. It is not only about the harmful content often transmitted through this medium, but also about the danger of Internet addiction, which, like any addiction, has catastrophic consequences. If a loved one spends too much time online, it’s worth checking if we’re addicted to the Internet. How to recognize them? What symptoms indicate internet addiction?

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Neglecting family and school / work responsibilities

The internet is widely used for work, but it can also become a hindrance to doing work. This is what happens with Internet addiction. If the necessity to check something on the Internet, visit your favorite website or play online games leads to neglect of professional duties, we may suspect Internet addiction. Unfortunately, this addiction affects younger and younger people, including children and adolescents. If a child neglects learning and does not do homework because the time devoted to it is devoted entirely to the Internet, we may already be dealing with addiction.

Giving up other interests and giving up socializing in the real world

If a close adult or a child begins to give up all the interests and passions that have been important to them until now for the Internet, this is a serious cause for concern. Addicts not only give up the activities they liked so far, but also from contacts with other people. Meeting with friends requires spending time, which the addict prefers to spend on surfing the Internet.

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No control over the time spent on the Internet

The addicted person cannot control the time spent on the Internet. Neither self-imposed restrictions (in the case of adults) nor parental prohibitions (in the case of children) help. The addicted person is not able to answer how much time they spent on the Internet, or uses excuses and lies to prove that they have control over everything.

Limiting time to eat and sleep

Food, sleep and other physiological needs for an addicted person are not a priority. Satisfying them takes time that can be spent at the computer. For this reason, Internet addicts often skip meals and sleep very little.

Strong nervousness and irritation when Internet access is limited

If Internet access is difficult due to technical problems or other external circumstances, the addicted person is irritable, nervous and sometimes even aggressive. This also applies to children whose parents are trying to restrict access to the Internet. Any restrictions on the Internet lead to conflicts and quarrels in the family.