How To Register For GATE 2023? How To Download GATE Syllabus?

The GATE exam, or the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, is a competitive exam conducted by the National Coordination Board. Every year one of the seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) or IISc conducts the exam on behalf of the NCB. The Gate exam aims to test the aspirants based on their knowledge in the undergraduate engineering subjects for admission to master’s courses in engineering or job opportunities in the field of engineering. BYJU’s Exam Prep is a learning platform that provides study materials related to all topics related to the GATE 2023.

How to download the GATE syllabus?

Before appearing for the GATE exam, aspirants must know the exam syllabus to prepare thoroughly. The conducting body releases the official syllabus of the exam every year on the official website. Listed below are some ways in which candidates may download the GATE syllabus and access it at any time as per their convenience:

  1. Visit the official website: Aspirants must go to the official site of the GATE exam. Each conducting body uploads the GATE syllabus in pdf format there.
  2. Download the branch-wise syllabus: There are 29 disciplines in the GATE exam. Aspirants may download the pdfs of the same through the official website to access the syllabus.

Therefore, this way, the aspirants may download the syllabus of the GATE Exam. They must ensure to download the current syllabus to prepare for the exam. Aspirants may also access and download the pdfs of the GATE syllabus here.

How to Register for GATE 2023

Before applying for the GATE Exam, aspirants must know how to register themselves for the exam. Listed below are some steps that aspirants must follow to register themselves for the GATE exam.

Fill up the application form: The first and foremost thing aspirants must do for registering for the GATE exam is to fill up the application form available on the official website of GATE. Aspirants must keep track of when the application is released and fill it up as soon as possible. They must also note the last date of the application and must ensure to fill up the application form before the deadline. Aspirants must also ensure to fill up the application form as correctly as possible without any mistakes to avoid discrepancies as discrepancies may lead to further complications. The application form requires filling up all details of personal information of the aspirants, such as name, date of birth, parents’ names, their occupation, their address, their education qualification details, college name with address and Pin code, their image, their choice of city for the exam, category, valid photo id proof, and net banking details for payment. Students will get some extra time to change their choice of cities during this process.

  1. Pay the application fee: After applying for the GATE exam, candidates must pay the total application fees before the closing date. The application will be rejected if the candidate does not pay the application fees before the deadline.
  2. Check the Eligibility Criteria: The aspirant needs to know whether they are eligible for sitting for the exam. Therefore, they must check the eligibility criteria before sitting for the exam. If the candidate does not match the eligibility criteria set by the conducting body of GATE, then their application will automatically be rejected.

Therefore, aspirants can register themselves for the GATE exam. Aspirants must follow all the steps correctly to avoid mistakes during the entire process. IIT Kanpur is conducting the GATE exam this year, so aspirants must continuously check their website to get more details about the application and registration process.

The GATE exam is highly prestigious and competitive. Aspirants must prepare for the exam thoroughly to ace it. Moreover, they must be updated about everything related to the exam. They must also look for study materials and guides to help prepare for the GATE exam. So, if you are looking for a platform to guide you through the preparation process and keep you updated about the GATE Exam, BYJU’s Exam Prep is the right platform for you. Join BYJU’s Exam Prep to access exclusive content related to the GATE Exam now!