How to Stop Spotify from Opening on Mac Startup

Probably the most annoying reasons for installing software on your pc is it opens instantly once the computer starts. Maybe you need to decide upon yourself if this should and cannot be opened up? If the concerns you concerning the Spotify desktop in your Mac, continue reading to learn to prevent thinking by itself.

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To avoid Spotify from opening on Mac startup, visit Spotify settings and put outdoors Spotify instantly after connecting to computer Chance of No. Also visit macOS System Preferences and Users and groups section, remove Spotify in the Connection elements section.

How you can Stop Spotify from Opening on Mac Startup

First, in Spotify, navigate to Settings, which is incorporated in the drop-lower menu beneath your name at the very top right from the screen.

desktop settings spotify mac

Scroll lower until you’re able to the Startup and window behavior section. The very first choice is Open Spotify instantly after connecting to computer. Pull lower the little menu around the right and choose No.

spotify desktop settings

Now, in your Mac itself, navigate to System Preferences.

macos system preferences menu

Then select Users and groups.

macos system preferences

Around the right of the window is really a section known as Connection elements. First, click the padlock at the end left from the window to alter the settings. Then choose the Spotify entry and click on the minus button at the end to get rid of it.