How To Uninstall Cortana In Windows PC

Cortana continues to be removed the application in the Google Play Store and also the Apple Application Store. Its namesake AI within the Halo series can also be dead. However the digital assistant is constantly on the survive within the Home windows ecosystem. While being very capable many don’t like digital assistant and also uninstall it. If you’re among the bunch, then you’ve come right place. Wish to consider be considering the best way to switch off digital assistant in your Home windows powered machine.

For Home windows 11 users, Cortana is disabled automatically, and the organization would like you eliminate digital assistant this way. But, if you wish to adhere to your guns and running Home windows 10 here’s how that can be done without having to be bothered by Cortana.

Note: With such methods will disable Cortana within the primary PC framework, however the digital assistant continuously appear within a few of the company’s apps including Outlook and Teams.

How you can disable Cortana (Home windows 10, 11)

  • Open the job manager.
  • Now click the “Startup” tab.
  • Click Cortana after which click Disable.
  • Now open the beginning menu and discover the Cortana application.
  • Right-click the application after which select “More”.
  • Now click the “App settings” option.
  • Toggle the “Runs at log-in” change to off.

Cortana is disabled in Home windows 11 automatically. However, if it’s enabled with a chance you are able to stick to the steps in the above list to show it back away.

How you can uninstall Cortana (Home windows 10)

  • Before we begin, observe that this process requires trying out the system’s code and get it done only if you’re comfortable around PowerShell.
  • Open PowerShell by searching it within the Start menu.
  • Right-click the Home windows PowerShell application and then click “Run as administrator.”
  • Now enter in the command “Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.549981C3F5F10 Remove-AppxPackage” and press enter.

Should you completely wish to remove Cortana then you’ll have to tinker using the Home windows Registry, that is very dangerous and we don’t recommend doing that until you’re a power user.