How widowhood push me enta road, 59-year-old grandma driver Checkout Here!

Before today commercial bus driving na some tin wey pipo know wit men but diz days lots of women don dey do am.

But the amount of grandmothers dey drive commercial bus for Nigeria? Dis na di tori of 59 years of age grandmother from Delta condition, South south Nigeria wey don dey drive commercial bus for just about any extended time.

Beauty Agbaduta tori na di one wey fit inspire lots of women wey face her kain condition.

How widowhood push me

  • For dis interview wit BBC Pidgin she tok say she begin drive di bus since 1992 and he or she neva stop since family room.
  • Madam Agbaduta say she bin don do oda companies wey no work before she decide to begin drive bus.
  • “As my husband die for 1991 tins begin dey very hard for people. Na dat time I realize say di only tin to match take train the children na to begin drive bus. “Na later I come relocate to Lagos come start anoda business wey bin dey prosper before goment come spoil am.
  • “Me and also the kids suffer well-well dat time,” she tok.

‘Men cari me play well-well’

  • Di granny driver say men motorists wey she employ, show her pepper well-well. She recall how her male motorists no dey leave her with any returns afta dem work finish, departing she and her children hungry.
  • Di lady tok how among her motorists begin tok lower on her behalf account becos she request her delivery moni – “di man begin tok in my opinion anyhow sotay e throway my type in my body system.
  • “Na dat one provoke me wey cause me to challenge my sef ti enta road again for Lagos.
  • “I vex, therefore i go Ikorodu Garage to go to find out how dem dey load motor for dia. Na therefore i take kontinu my opportunity.”
  • She tell manage men motorists dey diffiult becos dem dey always leave her with “excuse or di oda evri time.”

‘My pikins get quality education’

Di mother of three, Madam Agbaduta say she don fit train her pikin dem for school on top di driving business.

She say her pikin dem go better school around college level, “and na my pleasure be dat. Seeing the children to obtain somebody around na wetin I don dey always imagine.

“Among my pikin don even get Masters.

“Dia education na di agreement between me and my husband so when e come die I vow say I no go change that plan.”

Di granny driver say she no need a situation wia her children ho miss dia papa sake of wetin dem no get “dat na why I ensure say Sometimes hard.” She say she dey satisfied as she dey see her children.

59-years of age Beauty Agbaduta say na determination carry her achieve wia she dey now.