Imagine you gumtree delivery scam like an expert. follow these 5 steps to get there

Concerning the Gumtree scam:

The transaction is between individual seller and buyer, in which the buyer helps make the payment around the gumtree payment link and shares it using the seller. The vendor have access to the hyperlink to get the funds within their banking account. When the payment transaction is finished, gumtree arranges carrier service within 72 hours to get the merchandise in the seller’s location.

The Gumtree Delivery Scam aims to achieve the trust from the sellers by posting a note the buyer had made the payment. When the seller is convenience, he will get trapped.

So how exactly does Gumtree Delivery Scam work?

Gumtree is really a worldwide third-party platform which brings buyers and sellers together. It enables independent individual users to publish their goods online. The independent individual buyer checks the merchandise and bakes an offer to buy.

Gumtree website has different domain URLs in line with the country it’s contained in. For instance, within the United kingdom, the gumtree web site is in Africa, it’s, as well as in Australia, it’s

The scammers required benefit of URL variations and produced copycat URLs for example The scammers contacted the person sellers on Whatsapp and informed them that they made the payment (a Gumtree Delivery Scam) for that product, and also the seller could receive funds by clicking online link.

The hyperlink pointed out in Whatsapp necessitates the seller to go in their card details. But, rather of receiving money, the vendor winds up paying using their account towards the scammers.

Remaining protected from gumtree scams:

Gumtree has advised its users they shouldn’t click the link received within the Whatsapp message rather than to go in bank and card information on such fraudulent URLs.

In Scotland, you can call (808)164-6000 to report the Gumtree Delivery Scam messages. When the users have forfeit their cash, they are able to call 101 to report it towards the Scotland police department.

You within the United kingdom can find out more about staying away from gumtree scams by being able to access Furthermore, they are able to report it


Gumtree doesn’t provide any delivery or pickup services. Gumtree arranges the pickup with the aid of their carrier partners – parcel2go. Generally, giving banking account and card info on an authentic gumtree website and application is protected. However, you have to verify if you’re entering the facts around the official gumtree website.