Income Tax Return Filing: Extend Due Date Immediately trends as people report complaints with tax portal

Using the deadline for filing the Tax Return (ITR) for that financial year 2020-21 (AY21-22) nearing, lots of taxpayers reported technical issues with the ITR portal.

The deadline for filing the ITR for AY21-22 is December 31. The central government had extended the ITR filing deadline to December 31 from This summer 31 earlier around.

However, taxpayers required further extension from the deadline because they complained the tax filing portal was hanging frequently.

On Monday, #Extend_Due_Date_Immediately began trending on Twitter India as numerous users advised the federal government to increase the deadline with a couple of days.

“Is 31st December a long deadline for Software Developer or Citizen as Citizen has much lesser time compared to one prescribed..And so the message ought to be ’31st December may be the extended deadline for Developer although not Taxpayer’,” a Twitter user authored.